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Mwanaume chocolate, ana ndevu - Betty Kyallo confirms new love in her life

Betty has kept her love life away from the public since her last relationship ended in April 2022.

Betty Kyallo

Media personality and businesswoman Betty Kyallo, seems to have embraced love once again, more than a year after breaking up with lawyer Nick Ndeda.

While she has kept her love life discreet, Betty couldn't escape questions during a recent interview with Milele FM's Ankali Ray.

The host was eager to know the details of the new man who has captured Betty's heart.

Betty playfully evaded the question, asking Ankali why he was so curious about her love life.


With a chuckle, she shared only a few tidbits about her beau, describing him as a 'chocolate' man with a well-groomed beard, withholding his identity.

"Sasa unataka kumuona ufanye nini, wewe wako anaitwa nani kwanza?” she asked Anjali Ray before adding: “Ako tu, ni mwanaume, ako chocolate, na ana ndevu kiasi yake.”


Betty Kyallo's past relationship with lawyer Nick Ndeda came to an end in April 2022. She revealed she was shifting her focus to expanding her business empire and taking care of her daughter Ivanna.

Betty is no stranger to public scrutiny, and after the break up she acknowledged that breakups are a natural part of life, but the spotlight tends to magnify such events for public figures like herself.

"People fall in love, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't, it's okay, there is nothing wrong with it.

"I think because I am a public figure, that's why it becomes a big deal, but it's a normal thing," Betty explained in a previous interview.


After the break up, Betty said she found solace in being able to fully concentrate on her dreams without any distractions.

"You know when you are in a relationship, there are those rules and regulations, but I think I'm just happy being free to meet people and go crazy with my dreams," she shared.

For Betty, being single brought a renewed sense of focus and self-discovery. She enjoyed the freedom to prioritize herself and pursue her passions without compromise.


Before Nick Ndeda, Betty had also kept her love life largely under wraps.


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