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Brenda Ngeso: Maureen of 'Becky' series willing to betray her sister for soft life

In real life, Brenda Ngeso is the complete opposite of the character Maureen. The 'police officer' is a mother to a 14-year-old boy who is preparing to sit for his KCPE this year.

Brenda Ngeso 'Maureen' of Citizen TV's Becky series on another set 'Mpakani'

In the world of entertainment, where actors often find themselves exploring a multitude of characters, Brenda Ngeso stands out as a versatile actress with a remarkable ability to breathe life into the roles she plays.

Best known for her compelling character Maureen in the popular Citizen TV series 'Becky', Brenda's journey in acting is marked by dedication, challenges, and a host of creative talents.

Born in Kibera, Nairobi, Brenda grew up in various places, including Nairobi and Kisumu. Her upbringing involved a fair bit of moving around, which meant attending different primary schools.


Later, she pursued her secondary education at Lions High School in Kisumu.

Brenda's journey into the world of acting began at a young age, and her mother played a significant role in encouraging her to embrace acting.


She was encouraged to create skits for shows, igniting her passion for the craft. Her professional acting debut took place in 2013 when she made her first appearance on Citizen TV's 'Mother-in-Law'.

She started with minor roles but gradually progressed. Her first major role was in the show 'Mpakani' playing the character of Adhis.

Over time, she expanded her acting portfolio, featuring in shows like 'Crime and Justice' as Officer B and contributing voiceovers for an animation titled 'Book of Car'. She was also featured in TV programs like 'Njoro wa Uba'.


In the popular series 'Becky', Brenda takes on the character of Maureen, who is the sister of the lead actress, Becky (Lucy Maina).

'Becky' is the new Citizen TV show that premiered on July 31, 2023. The show replaced the 'Sultana' series which ended on July 27.

Maureen plays a crucial role in the series, persistently urging Becky to reunite with her ex, Junior (Andre Levi), with whom they share a child.


Maureen is tired of the challenges of their modest life and believes that a reunion with Junior, who hails from a well-off family, holds the key to a better life for herself and her sister.

Brenda acknowledges that her role as Maureen in "Becky" has provided her with a significant platform.

It's a prime-time show on Citizen TV, a free-to-air channel, which has given her a more prominent breakthrough in her career.

It has also allowed her to showcase her acting prowess to producers and fellow actors who might not have been aware of her talents.


One of the most challenging characters Brenda has encountered in her acting career is Maureen in 'Becky'.

Maureen's personality is quite different from Brenda's real-life persona. Brenda confesses that in her personal life, she finds it challenging to point fingers at someone or display disdain, qualities that Maureen embodies.

The process of transitioning from being Brenda to portraying Maureen, a character so distinct from her nature, has been a challenging and rewarding experience.


Brenda shared that there are moments when she reads the script and questions why she has to say certain things. However, as a dedicated actor, she immerses herself in the character and delivers her role with passion and professionalism.

Outside of acting, Brenda wears many hats. Not only is she an actress, but she also serves as an assistant director on 'Becky'.


Additionally, Brenda is a scriptwriter, having penned scripts for three in-house movies. She is a versatile individual, with a strong background in dance, having studied it as a course in college.

Brenda's aspirations extend beyond the world of entertainment. She has always envisioned herself as an architect and remains hopeful that she will achieve this dream someday.

Brenda has not publicly said whether she is currently in a relationship or not.


However, she is a mother to a 14-year-old boy who is preparing to sit for his KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) this year.


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