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Chipukeezy fulfills 4-year-old promise to young lady, employs her on his show

Chipukeezy couldn't contain his pride and excitement as he introduced Vallery on the show.

A collage of Chipukeezy and Val

In a heartwarming tale of promise and perseverance, Kenyan comedian Vincent Mwasia Mutua, known by his stage name Chipukeezy, has honoured a pledge he made four years ago to a then-budding comedian, Vallery, then affectionately known to her fans as 'Socks ya Mkamba'.

Vallery, who once aspired to be a photojournalist, has now been ushered into the limelight as Chipukeezy's co-host on his popular YouTube show.

The promise originated during an interview Chipukeezy conducted with Vallery four years ago, where he pledged to offer her a job on his show once she completed her education.

At the time, Vallery expressed her dream of becoming a photojournalist, with comedy serving as a temporary pastime.


Chipukeezy, recognizing her potential, encouraged her to pursue her education while assuring her of support in her comedic endeavours.

"Comedy ukicombine na acting alafu photojournalism itakupeleka mbali sana but for now uende shule usome alafu ukimaliza shule ukuje tutakusaidia sana," he had said, promising to welcome her into his team after her education.

True to his word, Chipukeezy welcomed Vallery onto his show, where they reminisced about their previous encounter.


Following the episode, Chipukeezy announced Vallery as his newest co-host, cementing her place on the show and fulfilling the promise he made years prior.

After a recent episode, Chipukeezy couldn't contain his pride and excitement as he introduced Vallery as a permanent fixture on the show.

"This young girl 4 years ago she came to my show, I promised her that she would eventually join us and today I want to officially announce that she’s one of my co-hosts onwards👏 truly life is a journey we live a day at a time," he declared.


The Chipukeezy Show, a launching pad for many talents like Kartello, is renowned for its support and promotion of young talent in the Kenyan comedy scene.


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