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Chris Embarambamba defends his music video after tough ultimatum from KFCB

KFCB in a demand letter to the singer asked him to pull down the song or face the law

Controversial Gospel Singer Chris Embarambamba
  • The KFCB, through its acting chief executive Nelly Muluka, accused Embarambamba and fellow artist William Getumbe of crossing the line with their latest compositions
  • Embarambamba took to social media to address critics of his artistic expression, particularly in his recent release
  • He passionately defended his creative choices, asserting that many listeners misconstrue the intended message of his music

Controversial gospel singer Chris Embarambamba has found himself at the center of a heated debate following the release of his latest music video, 'Niko Uchi', which has drawn criticism from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and the public alike.

The KFCB has issued a stark warning to the artist, citing violations of the Films and Stage Plays Act due to the song's purported gospel content, which they claim invites ridicule to the Christian religion and features nudity and vulgarity.

In a statement, KFCB acting chief executive Nelly Muluka expressed concern over


Embarambamba and fellow artist William Getumbe's recent works, highlighting the public's outcry over the inappropriate content.

Muluka emphasised the potential dangers of the artists' violent dance moves and imitable behaviour, especially to impressionable children and minors.

"Some of the content is being propagated as art and freedom of expression and disguised as religious songs, contravening the law, in utter disregard for the interests and safety of children and the public at large," Muluka stated.


Despite the controversy, Embarambamba has come forward with a robust defence of his artistic expression, suggesting that the crux of the issue lies in a fundamental misunderstanding of his music's message.

"Kuna watu wanafikiria hizi nyimbo za gospel embarambamba anaimba ni za tabia mbaya, unaju lazima tuelezee wakenya ukweli. Shida iko kati yangu na nyinyi ni understanding ya wimbo because mtu anaskia mwanzo anaanza kujudge," the singer explained.


The singer lamented the negative impact of the criticism on his music's reach, revealing struggles to regain his previous audience levels amidst widespread backlash.

Nonetheless, Embarambamba remains undeterred, calling on fellow ministers of the gospel to persevere in spreading their message despite the hostility.


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