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Akuku Danger gives update after weeks in hospital battling Sickle Cell condition [Video]

Despite the immense difficulties he faced, he expressed gratitude for the strength he found within himself

Comedian Akuku Danger shares update after weeks in hospital

Popular comedian Akuku Danger recently took to Instagram to share an update on his health after spending weeks battling the debilitating effects of sickle cell disease.

In a heartfelt post, the comedian opened up about the challenges he faced and offered words of encouragement to fellow warriors of the condition.

"These past few weeks, God has really come through for me," Akuku Danger began his post, acknowledging the support he received during his ordeal.

"Sickle cell is a monster, man," he continued, describing the unpredictable nature of the disease that can swiftly turn one's life upside down.


In his message, Akuku Danger highlighted the stark contrast between going about his daily business and suddenly finding himself fighting for his life in the hospital.

Despite the immense difficulties he faced, he expressed gratitude for the strength he found within himself and sought to inspire others facing similar struggles.

"I am posting this not for sympathy or anything but for all the sickle cell warriors out there who are looking for inspiration," Akuku Danger wrote, emphasising the resilience of individuals battling the condition.


"Yes! You are all stronger than you think!!" he affirmed, spreading a message of hope and empowerment to those in need.

In a heartwarming conclusion to his post, Akuku Danger announced that he is now out of the hospital and ready to resume his work.

"We are back now!! All good and out of the hospital. Tuendelee na kazi," he declared, signaling his determination to move forward with positivity and resilience.


The comedian's update garnered an outpouring of support from friends and fellow celebrities, who flooded the comment section with messages of encouragement and well-wishes.

In December 31, 2021 Mwalim Churchill, disclosed that Akuku was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, a chronic condition which lasts through a person's lifetime.

"Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live," said Mwalim Churchill.

In August 2023, Akuku Danger lost his younger sister who was also battling the disease. Speaking from his experience, Akuku disclosed that he had experienced bewildered reactions from friends and relatives upon his birth due to their lack of knowledge about the sickness.


"There are so many myths and misconceptions about this disease that people do not know about. Wengine wanadhani mtoto amerogwa. Hata mi nikizaliwa some friends and relatives walikua wanashangaa huyu mtoto mona ako hivi," he said.

He emphasised the need for support, financial contributions, and prayers, particularly for children born with sickle cell.

He expressed the urgency of educating families and communities to dispel misconceptions about the condition.

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