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Flaqo finally tells truth on why he & Keranta cannot have a child at the moment

The truth behind Flaqo Raz and Keranta's decision to delay parenthood

Flaqo and girlfriend Keranta

Kenyan content creator Erastus Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo Raz, recently opened up about his current life circumstances, including why he and his girlfriend, Keranta Winnie, are not planning to have a child at the moment.

In a candid interview with a local news outlet, Flaqo shared insights into their relationship and shed light on his health struggles.

Flaqo emphasised the importance of proper planning before embarking on the journey of parenthood.


According to him, having a child requires careful consideration and readiness, which he and Keranta are currently focused on.

He clarified that there is no pregnancy on the horizon and emphasised the necessity of being well-prepared for such a significant life change.

"There is no pregnancy and not anytime soon. For that one lazima umekuwa umejipanga vizuri," he said.


When asked about the possibility of marriage shortly, Flaqo revealed that it is not a priority for him at the moment.

He explained that his mind is not currently set on marriage, and even if it were, he prefers to keep such personal matters private.

"Not really at the moment. Bado akili yangu haiko kwa that space. And even if it was there, I would never tell anybody," he said.


Flaqo expressed his frustration regarding persistent rumors about his girlfriend's pregnancy.

These rumors initially surfaced in 2023, with some individuals speculating that the couple was concealing a pregnancy.


Despite Flaqo's efforts to dispel the rumours on social media, he continues to receive congratulatory messages regularly. He emphasised the toll that these ongoing rumours have taken on him and his partner.

"Been over one and a half years and bado napata congratulatory messages every day from people who know me personally, strangers, and even some relatives," he warned.

In addition to addressing relationship and family matters, Flaqo also discussed his health challenges.

He revealed that he has been battling H Pylori, a bacterial infection affecting the stomach lining.


Alongside malaria and a spine issue caused by weightlifting, Flaqo endured a challenging period of hospitalization lasting two months.

"I thank God for great health. I was battling Malaria and H Pylori. I also had a spine issue that had been brought about by weightlifting. It took a toll on me as I was not doing anything for the two months," he said.

Despite the setbacks, he expressed gratitude for his improving health and resilience in overcoming these obstacles.


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