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Elsa Majimbo extends reconciliation message to Kenyans as she embarks on new journey

Majimbo has consistently asserted that while she hails from Kenya, her career received significant support and nurturing from South Africans.

Comedian Elsa Majimbo

In a heartfelt declaration, globally acclaimed comedian Elsa Majimbo has publicly mended her previously 'strained and chaotic' relationship with her Kenyan audience.

Known for her iconic laughter and unique brand of humour, Majimbo has become a household name worldwide, albeit with a complex rapport back home in Kenya.

For a while, Elsa Majimbo felt her burgeoning career was more warmly received and nurtured by South Africans, who played a pivotal role in propelling her to international stardom.

This perceived disparity led to a somewhat tumultuous relationship with her Kenyan fanbase. However, in a recent turn of events, Majimbo has chosen to bury the hatchet and look towards a future filled with positivity and mutual respect.


"To all my Kenyan fans. I love you very deeply. To my motherland, thank you for breathing air into me.

"Because of you, my heart stays true, and I know what and who I am. To the universe, I’m grateful for the miracles you’ve made happen for me and continue to," Majimbo expressed in a tweet on X.

Continuing her message of reconciliation and growth, Majimbo made it clear that she is ready to move past any previous misunderstandings or conflicts with the Kenyan online community.


"Every and any issue I’ve had with Kenyans is behind me. In a relationship where only negativity dwells, who truly wins? Carrying around negativity is not me, and I’m cutting out that toxicity.

"Those who scream online, you’ll be talking to yourselves. I’m focusing on the Kenyan fans," she wrote, signalling a significant shift in her approach towards engaging with her audience.

Majimbo rose to international fame during the 2020 lockdown with her unique brand of humour.


Her humorous videos, featuring her crunching potato chips and delivering deadpan jokes with a pair of tiny sunglasses perched on her nose, endeared her to a global audience.

Majimbo's candid, carefree style and relatable content quickly garnered millions of views, earning her international accolades, brand endorsements, and celebrity fans.


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