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Hamisa Mobetto opens up on genuinely loving Diamond & first baby daddy Majizzo

Hamisa claims she moved on after breaking up with Diamond and Majizzo

Hamisa Mobetto

Tanzanian businesswoman and model Hamisa Mobetto, during her appearance on Wasafi FM, openly acknowledged her affection for Diamond and her first baby daddy, Majizzo, back when they were in a romantic relationship.

However, she candidly revealed that this sentiment no longer holds true after their separation.

She emphasised that she has since moved on from those feelings and circumstances.

"I was in love. Nilikua nawapenda wale watu ambao nilikua katika mahusiano nao katika kipindi kile.


"[I was in love and I loved those people that I was dating at that time]," Hamisa said.

Continuing to elaborate on her feelings for the two gentlemen, she explained that her love for them resulted in her having two children with them.

Hamisa further emphasised that she is a hardworking woman, which ensures that her children will never experience hardships, even if their fathers are not actively involved.


Hamissa Mobetto, recently took to social media to introduce her mystery man to her fans.

Alongside the exciting news, she also shared her joyous acquisition of a brand-new Range Rover.

In a series of Snapchat stories, Hamissa Mobetto revealed a picture of herself alongside a man she lovingly described as 'my man.'


Although his face remained hidden, Hamisa expressed her eternal love for him, promising to cherish him even in her absence.

"To this man right here, i love you beyond words. And i hope you will always feel that even when am not around to tell you so," Hamisa wrote.

In a previous interview, she had openly expressed her belief that she had found her forever love and expressed her desire to spend the rest of her life with him.


The singer and model emphasized the deep connection and ease she feels in their relationship, emphasizing that everything feels perfect between them.


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