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Meet Melissa Kiplagat: 'Country Queens' star who doubles up as a KTN presenter

Melissa Kiplagat is an international professional actor, instructor and TV presenter widely known for her protagonist role in 'Country Queen'

Country Queen actor Melissa Kiplagat

Melissa Kiplagat, a talented actress who captured hearts with her role as Amara in the popular TV show 'This Is Life,' has recently garnered even more attention for her lead role as Akisa in East Africa's first Netflix show, 'Country Queen.'

Her multifaceted career includes not only her breakthrough role as Akisa Musyoka but also her impactful contributions as an acting instructor and engaging presenter on KTN Home's 'Lets Be Real' show.

While many may be familiar with her on-screen presence, there are some intriguing facts about Melissa that might surprise you.


Melissa Kiplagat is an internationally trained professional actress who has worked primarily in Kenya.

She has honed her acting skills in both Nairobi and London, performing in over 17 plays, including notable productions such as 'Apples From The Desert' and 'The Penelopiad.'


Despite her successful acting career, Melissa graduated with an Economics degree from Brown University, an Ivy-League institution.

However, her passion for the arts led her to return to Kenya and pursue a professional career in acting.

To further refine her skills, Melissa joined the renowned Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London in 2016.


After a rigorous training programme, she graduated in 2017 with a Master's in Performance (Acting), which greatly elevated her performance abilities.

Beyond her acting career, Melissa is passionate about child welfare.

Her caring nature drives her to speak out against actions that harm children and advocate for their well-being.


She passionately stands up against situations where children are exposed to harmful environments.

Melissa shares her knowledge and skills by organizing acting and film masterclasses under her venture called Melissa Kiplagat Masterclasses (MKM).

Through these classes, she imparts the training she received during her masters and promotes collaboration.


Melissa catapulted to fame after landing the lead role as Akisa in the groundbreaking film 'Country Queen.'

The story revolves around the tranquil village of Tsilanga, which faces turmoil when a prominent mining company called Eco-Rock arrives, intending to exploit its abundant gold reserves.

Despite facing resistance from the community, the heartless and ruthless mining tycoon, Vivienne (Nini Wacera), refuses to be deterred in her pursuit of profit.


Vivienne, aided by her gangster husband Max (Blessing Lung'aho), is well-connected and financially powerful, stopping at nothing to satisfy her desires.

Meanwhile, Akisa (Melissa Kiplagat), an ordinary employee in Nairobi, unexpectedly receives a distressing message about her seriously ill father.

She hastily leaves the city to attend to him in Tsilanga, only to discover that her problems extend beyond her father's health.


Confronted with Vivienne's cruel actions, Akisa realizes she must confront her head-on. Determined to safeguard the village's precious resources, she embarks on a revolutionary journey, vowing to take the fight to Vivienne's doorstep.


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