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Michelle Ntalami finally breaks silence on the controversial incident with Minne Cayy

Michelle has condemned Minne for spreading beef from the show to social media, TV and radio

Minne Cayy & Michelle Ntalami

The CEO of Marini Naturals, Michelle Ntalami, has spoken out against women who shame each other on social media.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, Michelle Ntalami condemned the behaviour, especially during a month when women should celebrate each other.

According to Ntalami, lines were crossed when Minne took their beef from the show to social media, TV and radio.

"I kept silent, but lines were crossed. The back-to-back insults, aggrandizing the drama online, profiting off it with merchandising, going as far as taking the attacks to National TV and Radio, coming for my bag and brand, bodyshaming other women online, hurling insults and profanity? ... You cross my boundaries," Michelle wrote.


Ntalami believes there should be a clear distinction between showbiz and personal space. Drama on the show should remain on the show, and grown women should not tear each other down on social media.

She called for women to support and uplift each other instead of tearing each other down.


"By the nature of the show, on-screen drama is great. But cast members are NOT meant to attack others online. Letting grown women tear each other down on social media is wrong.

"Drama on the show should remain on the show. Not getting mean, messy and personal in real life. That’s a dirty game. I don’t imagine any contract or company would support this," She added.


On a lighter note, Michelle suggested that she and Minne could learn from each other. She offered to teach her Shakespeare-level writing, and in return, Minne could teach her how to be a 'hustler'

"On a month where we are meant to be celebrating women, it’s giving womanhood and femininity such a bad rap.

"How about online, we show efforts of these women patching things up, supporting and uplifting each other, then take that back into the show? Let’s change the narrative, " she stated.


Michell's beef with Minne Cayy began during a fancy dinner party on the Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Tensions soon flared between the two women, and Minne roasted Michelle's 'fake rich' Instagram lifestyle.

In defense, however, Michelle stated that she no longer tries to keep a fake image on social media.

She says she embraces authenticity, being honest about when she is hurt and happy. She affirmed that she has a good amount of coins in her bank, which is who she is.


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