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Terence Creative doesn't own a G-Wagon - Milly Chebby

Milly Chebby exposes husband Terence Creative after he flaunted a G-Wagon, claiming he bought it for Sh3 million.

Milly Chebby  ( Instagram)

Milly Chebby recently dropped a bombshell revealing that the black Mercedes G-Wagon that her husband Terence Creative flaunted on social media isn't his.

The disclosure came as a warning to their followers not to believe everything they see on social platforms.

Speaking to local bloggers on March 10, Milly emphasised the unpredictability of social media, cautioning fans against blindly accepting everything they come across online.


She admitted that despite seeing congratulatory messages regarding Terence's alleged purchase of the G-Wagon, the car wasn't his.

"Social media is for all of us, to every single follower and fan wetu don't follow everything sometimes vitu zina happen tu… kama nimeona watu wanakucongratuldate ulibuy gari na ulienda kuu… si yake," she said.

Terence jokingly reprimanded Milly for inadvertently disclosing the truth about the car, which many believed was his own.

Milly, amidst laughter, acknowledged her slip-up, indicating the unintended consequences of her revelation.


Aside from the car revelation, Terence and Milly addressed rumours circulating about their breakup.

The speculations arose after claims surfaced that they had unfollowed each other on Instagram.


Terence and Milly clarified that they had never followed each other on social media platforms. They highlighted the superficial nature of social media, urging people not to read too much into digital interactions.

"First and foremost Terance and I have never followed each other. Why should we follow each other and are always together? Secondly, when that came, I was so shocked because it happened the time that Terence was quite busy, I was busy. Nlikua nafanya vitu zangu anafanya vitu zake, I remember my sister was moving so I was helping my sister move," Milly Chebby said.

According to them, social media can be a tool for creating false narratives, and they emphasised the importance of setting one's narrative.


Milly expressed shock at the breakup rumors, especially considering their busy schedules at the time.

She recounted being engaged in personal activities while Terence was occupied with his commitments.

Milly attributed the origin of the rumors to a mutual acquaintance, labeling them as a deliberate attempt to create discord.


Terence echoed Milly's sentiments, suggesting that someone sought to fabricate a narrative about their relationship.

"Ah ah, usiseme someone, our frenemy. And it is so sad It came from someone I didn't expect," she said.

Milly identified the source as a page she had supported for years, expressing disappointment at the betrayal.


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