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MP Salasya fulfils promise to Stevo Simple Boy, reveals future plans for the rapper

Salasya met Stevo Simple Boy on Monday, July 3 and promised to get him a fully furnished house after reports that the rapper was in financial difficulties

Peter Salasya

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has fulfilled his promise to provide Stevo Simple Boy with a house.

Salasya met with Simple Boy after reports emerged that the up-and-coming rapper was facing financial difficulties and had even severed ties with his management.

After their meeting at Serena Hotel, Salasya announced his intention to secure a house for the rapper, covering the expenses for at least three months. He also expressed his desire to support Simple Boy in achieving financial independence.

"On Monday, you will have a new home. I will find a house for you in Nairobi and cover the rent for at least three months.


"I want you to be independent, manage your own finances, and organize your own shows," Salasya stated during their encounter on Monday, July 3.

True to his word, Salasya turned his promise into reality on Tuesday by acquiring a house and covering the associated costs. He further pledged to build a house for Simple Boy in his village.

In order to support Simple Boy and his wife, Salasya offered to sponsor her on a three-month hairdressing course. He also committed to assisting her in establishing a business.


Additionally, Simple Boy will enroll in a course that will enable him to sustain himself financially.

"I have convinced Simple Boy's wife to join a three-month hairdressing and beauty course, which I will cover. I will also help her set up a salon as a long-term solution.

"I have advised Simple Boy to pursue any refresher course that I will also undertake so that music can become a side hustle for him in the future," Salasya explained.


Salasya took the opportunity to criticize content creator Oga Obinna, who had previously questioned whether the MP would genuinely assist the rapper. Salasya highlighted that, unlike Obinna, he followed through on his words with concrete actions.


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