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Oga Obinna offers love recipe to Sammy Boy

Oga Obinna shared his insights on how to find a woman who is honest and genuine

Sammy Boy and Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna engaged in a heated online exchange after Oga Obinna posted on Instagram that those with money cannot find the right partner.

According to Obinna having money is not a guarantee to finding the right partner.

This, however, did not sit well with Sammy Boy, who disagreed and gave his take on the matter.


Sammy Boy quoted Obinna's post and instead said the money can help train a partner to become the best version of themselves.

"I disagree with you, brother; with your money, you can train your dragon. You attract what you desire. Get yourself a girl with a future mindset, not Instagram standards," Sammy Boy wrote.

He referred to women as 'dragons,' which Obinna found distasteful. Obinna posted a lengthy response on Instagram, lecturing Sammy Boy on the essence of love.


Obinna disagreed with Sammy Boy's approach to love, stating that genuine love is found when they don't know how much you have.

He stressed that love is not about what one can offer financially but what one can give emotionally and spiritually.

"It's innocent, and the payback isn't financial; it's emotional or spiritual e.g. a smile/laughter/happiness/peace/cute hugs or acts of kindness but not financial," Obinna wrote.


Obinna pointed out that when money is involved in a relationship, it becomes hard to tell if the affection is genuine or if the partner is merely waiting to collect.

He added that love is about giving and not taking, and someone who loves you will not ask for money. He advised Sammy Boy that he could buy affection but reminded him that it is not true love.

Obinna ended his lengthy post by saying that being loved without money is a blessing, and finding someone who loves you for who you are and not what you have is essential.

"Genuine love is there but when you have money, it's hard to tell. They might just be timing waiting to collect. Don't worry, though, you can always buy affection like you are used to.


"All the best, Khaleesi Daenerys Sammyboy. One day you will be SammyMan!" He wrote.

He warned that in a relationship where money is the foundation, someone is always richer, cuter, younger, fitter, or better than one's current partner.


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