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Pinky Ghelani challenges ageist compliments while embracing beauty of growing older

The 47-year-old voiced her concerns about the societal fear of ageing, highlighting how such attitudes perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards.

Media perosnality Pinky Ghelani

Media personality Pinky Ghelani is gracefully embracing the process of ageing and is unapologetically proud of it.

Despite her confidence, the mother of two has often found herself at odds with society's skewed perceptions of ageing, often receiving messages from fans questioning her age, leaving her less than pleased.

A recent incident involving a netizen praising her appearance as 'too good for her age' provoked a response from Pinky, who found the statement rather ludicrous.

Addressing the issue, Pinky emphasised that she is past her youth and ready to embrace the next chapter of her life.


The 47-year-old voiced her concerns about the societal fear of ageing, highlighting how such attitudes perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards.

"Who is to say that this isn't what we are meant to look like... I am not hankering after youth. I had it. I enjoyed it. Now I am ready for what's next," Pinky said.

Encouraging a shift in perspective, Pinky urged individuals to reconsider the way they complement others, suggesting that it is crucial to stick to the basics and avoid bringing age into the equation.


"Sure, things happen to your mind, body, and hormones that make you say WTF constantly... but that's all women all the time! Stop saying you look good for your age... you look good will suffice," she expressed.

In a previous social media post, Pinky emphasised the importance of accepting the natural process of ageing, highlighting the need to dispel the negative connotations associated with growing older.

"What does old look like and what defines being old, you are 45 and looking so beautiful, why do we say things like that why don't we say that to 22-years-olds? When you say I look old its because I am and that's okay," Pinky said.


She passionately advocated against the common practice of praising individuals over forty for looking young, pointing out the detrimental impact of such compliments on society's perception of ageing.

Pinky has in a previous Engage Talk also outlined four key tenets that she believes help people adopt a 'limitless' approach to life.

Terming all the difficult times she has faced as life's way of getting her to pay attention, Pinky challenged her listeners to use difficulties to become better versions of themselves.

"Limitless to me means showing up, being present in this moment... you're educated, but you're willing to learn... that you have so much respect within yourself that your biases are not set in stone and you're willing to change and admit that you are flawed... when your attention is always on your intention," she explained.


Conveying that she uses the four-step guide daily, Pinky advised:-

  1. Be keen on self-development and don't take anything personally.
  2. Communicate, listen, and cultivate a reading habit. These will help you have real conversations.
  3. Learn to breathe to slow things down, and get back to the present moment
  4. Be mindful of your gut health, research on the foods you eat, and find out which ones contribute to your overall well-being.

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