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Rapper Femi One

In 2021, Wanjiku Kimani popularly known as Femi One made history by becoming the first African Female Brand Ambassador for Monster Energy Drink.

On April 1st 2020, Femi One linked up with Mejja for their major collabo called Utawezana. The song has so far garnered over 11 million views, becoming one of the very successful Kenyan songs.

The Adonai hit-maker also holds the number spot as the female rapper with the most YouTube subscribers in the whole of East Africa.

Femi was signed to Kaka Empire, a record label founded by Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka, 7 years Ago, after rubber stamping her name in the industry through Ligi Soo Remix.

Femi One’s Profile

Full Names: Wanjiku Kimani

Popular as: Femi One

Gender: Female

Occupation / Profession: Hip-Hop Artiste

Nationality: Kenyan

Race / Ethnicity: African

Religion: Christianity

Femi One Biography

Early Life

Rapper Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One was born on 25th April, 1994 in Mwiki, Kasarani, Nairobi.


She attended school in Nairobi and attended high school at Gakarara Secondary school. She had plans to go back to school to pursue a course in media.

Femi used to be a tomboy until after she joined Kaka Empire and rebranded herself.

Music Career

Femi one was introduced to the scene by King Kaka in his major hit ‘Ligi Soo’ the remix. For the longest time she referred to herself as Femi One Shiku. Femi one appeared on one half of the song with other female rappers and she really stood out for her flow and demeanor in the song. It was a major break for her career and Kaka took her under his management by signing her to Kaka Empire.

She has since made a name for herself with her signature sheng rapped music and her much needed attitude to carry any hip-hop song. She has collaborated with many heavy-hitters in the industry such as Mejja, King Kaka and many more. Femi One Shiku has also morphed to Femi One and being the most consistent female rapper in Kenya.

She got into music right after high school and was signed right from then but she hopes to get back to school to study Mass Communication in the near future.


Femi One was signed to Kaka Empire, a record label founded by Kennedy Ombima aka King about 7 years ago.

Kaka Empire has grown from just being a music production house to becoming a fully fledged artiste-management company, with big names under it, such as; Femi One, Owago Onyiro, and King Kaka himself, Dj Jr, Dj Leqs, Dj Will and Jadi.


In 2021, Femi One made history by becoming the first African Female Brand Ambassador for Monster Energy Drink.

Female noted that the appointment was a big win for Kenya and the female rap game, as she is the first female to hold the title in Africa; as far as Monster is concerned.

“A Big Win for Kenya, A Big Win for Africa! And another Win for the female Rap game, you're looking at the FIRST AFRICAN FEMALE Monster Energy Brand Ambassador

Cheers to more wins 🥂” reads Femi One’s announcement.


Femi one got her big breakthrough in 2020 after teaming up with Mejja for her song Utawezana.

The song has so far garnered over 11 million views, becoming one of the most successful Kenyan song on YouTube. The song was uploaded on the streaming platform on April 1st 2020.

“Sijawahi sema naaacha but I have been frustrated, Nimekua nikifanya hii kitu for seven years and nafeel my big breakthrough ilikam last year.

In those 7 year unafeel uko frustrated, unafeel God amekusahau, but looking back at it ningejua like plans God ako nazo for me, singekuwa worried at all” Femi One Told Pulse Live.


In May, 2021, controversy rocked Femi One’s Utawezana after Netizens failed to agree on who deserves the credit in mobilizing all the numbers for the song.

Netizens pitted Femi One against internet sensation Azziad who became popular after her video jamming to the #Utawezanachallenge went viral.

During the debate on Twitter, a section felt that Utawezana hit-makers (Femi and Mejja) should have paid Azziad or even appreciated her for introducing many people to their song. Others argued its actually the Utawezana song that made Azziad a star, as the song was already doing very well on different streaming platforms.

YouTube Channel

Femi One Joined the streaming platform on March 21, 2013 and so fat her channel has garnered over 18,877,522 views and counting.

She also has 206K subscribers and Counting.


Femi one is among celebrities who have kept their relationships away from the public eye. It’s not yet clear who she is dating right now.


Femi one is gearing for the release of her first studio Album dubbed #Greatness.

The Album will be released on May 31, 2021 with a total 14 tracks with features from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

“It will help expand brand Femi One into the whole of East Africa before going the whole of Africa. “Because I feel I’m Great, there hasn’t been a female rapper this big in the last like 10-20 years... Nazizi ndo alikuwa hizi levels”.

She has already released Adanoi, the first track off the Greatness Album.

“Adonai means God…Adonai is one of my favorite song in the Album and it’s from my own experience, my own relationship with God. God amekuwa akikam through for me and I’m very thankful and I really love the song” Femi One Told Pulse.


Some of Femi One’s popular songs include; Utawezana, Adonai, Mikiki, Donjo, Kipetero Kiyesu, Form Today, Hiyo One, Pilau Njeri among others.

Femi One Facts

  •  “I’m Emotional when I touched by seomthing. I will cry about”
  • “I’m girly girl. I love make up and long nails unlike the tomboy people I am”
  • “People assume I am rowdy but am very shy, laid back and quiet”
  • “I Bite my nails when nervous”


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