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WATCH: Rayvanny's performance at Indian wedding reception delights guests

The event, a grand affair that highlighted the rich traditions of Indian weddings, was transformed into a cross-cultural spectacle as Rayvanny took the stage

Rayvanny performing at a wedding reception in India

Tanzanian singer Rayvanny thrilled guests during a wedding reception in India where he was invited to perform.

The singer who has had a few collaborations with Indian artists captivated guests during the wedding leaving the those in attendance excited.

From hits such as 'Tetema' and 'Pepeta', Rayvanny took the stage enetrtaining the bride with a battalion of dancers.

"Nafikiri ni wasanii wachache sana kutoka nje ya India ambao tunakuja kwa ajili ya show za harusi ni wachache sana, sitaki kutaja majina, tunajijua mnatujua nyinyi," Rayvanny bragged abit.


Rayvanny, who rose to fame under the wing of the WCB Wasafi record label, has been a prominent figure in the African music scene, known for hits that resonate well beyond the continent’s borders.

His ability to transcend cultural barriers and connect with audiences worldwide was on full display at the reception, where his music became the heartbeat of the celebration, prompting everyone to hit the dance floor.

Known for his dynamic stage presence and infectious energy, he effortlessly blended Bollywood beats with his signature Bongo Flava style, creating a great musical experience.


From the youngest to the oldest, everyone was captivated by Rayvanny's magnetic performance. His soulful vocals and mesmerizing dance moves had the audience on their feet, swaying to the rhythm and singing along.

Social media buzzed with clips and photos from the performance, with attendees and fans alike expressing their admiration for the seamless blend of cultures.

Comments and shares flooded in, celebrating the event as a beautiful example of how music can bridge worlds, bringing together the beats of Dar es Salaam with the spirit of an Indian wedding.


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