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Why Jimal RohoSafi is confident no one can snatch his girlfriend

Jimal boldly stated that only the president could compete with him

Michelle Wangari and Jimal Roho Safi

During an interview with Spm Buzz, Jimal Roho Safi shared valuable tips on how men should treat their partners.

Additionally, he expressed his confidence that his girlfriend would not leave him for another man.

Jimal mentioned that his family is doing well, and he warned any man who attempts to pursue his girlfriend, stating that they would face numerous challenges and have to make significant sacrifices to succeed in winning her over.


He however said that there are incidences of ladies dumping their boyfriends for other men but he maintained that it always depends with the impact that the new suitor has come with.

Furthermore, Jimal added that the only circumstance under which a woman might consider leaving him is if she were to encounter a governor or even the president.

"Whenever I want a girl, I always make sure that I represent all the Cushites. I will never be laughed at again," Jimal declared.

Continuing his advice, Jimal emphasized that men should treat their partners with kindness and strive to fulfill the promises they had made, even if they happen to argue or disagree before fulfilling those promises.


Jimal happily announced the arrival of his baby girl with Michelle Wangari in March, expressing his joy at becoming a father to a daughter and stating that having a girl in his family brings him immense happiness.

When asked about his relationship with Amira, Jimal confirmed that they are currently on good terms following their tumultuous separation.


He added that both of them have resolved their conflicts and have managed to co-parent smoothly, despite the boys spending more time with Amira.

Jimal expressed that the children do not feel lonely because both parents play crucial roles in their upbringing.

He also expressed his belief that everything will be fine in the future, indicating optimism for their ongoing co-parenting journey.


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