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Zuchu is finally ready to marry Diamond after years of joy & tears

Tanzanian singer Zuchu stuns fans after boldly questioning Diamond about their marriage during a live performance.

Diamond Platnumz with Zuchu on stage at a past event

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has stirred up speculation about her relationship with her boss, Diamond Platnumz, after posing a question about their potential marriage during a live performance.

The incident occurred at the Pangani Kunono event held at Pangani grounds on April 16, where Zuchu surprised Diamond and fans alike with altered lyrics to their collaborative song 'Watasubiri.'

During their joint performance, Zuchu seized the opportunity to introduce a twist to their hit song 'Watasubiri,' catching everyone off guard with her candid question directed at Diamond.


In a video shared by Wasafi on April 17, the duo is seen sharing an intimate moment on stage, exchanging heartfelt looks as they sing together.

Diamond initiated the alteration by inserting new lyrics into their song, asking Zuchu if she would bear him a child: "Ati unanipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?"

Following Diamond's verse, Zuchu chimed in with her rendition: "Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaaa... Unaioa lini? ama unanitumia?"


The unexpected question left fans excited, while Diamond appeared surprised but amused by the playful exchange, laughing it off on stage.

Zuchu then rallied the crowd to encourage Diamond to marry her, playfully urging them to chant for the union.

As a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty, she also tossed some Tanzanian notes into the audience.


Zuchu confirmed her romantic involvement with Diamond in November 2022, ending months of speculation and denial about their relationship status.

Since then, the pair has been sharing intimate moments on social media, posting cozy pictures and videos of their time together.

In addition to their public displays of affection, Diamond and Zuchu have exchanged lavish gifts and embarked on trips abroad, further fueling rumors about the seriousness of their relationship.


While Diamond has openly expressed his love for Zuchu, he has remained tight-lipped about any plans for marriage.

Zuchu's onstage question has now sparked curiosity among fans, leaving them eager to see how Diamond will respond to the proposition.

In a previous interview, Zuchu hinted at her willingness to support Diamond in his role as a father to his children from previous relationships, indicating her readiness for marriage.


However, Diamond's stance on the matter remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next move.


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