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The Wife Material Show- 2nd time lucky?

The Wife Material Show returns for Season 2 on May 24th

Eric Omondi and Wife Material contestants

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has announced the return of the Wife Material Show, geared up for a Second Season.

The self-proclaimed 'President of Comedy in Africa' revealed in an Instagram post that the show is set to start on 24th May and will feature 15 contestants from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The show, which received quite the reactions after its first season has faced a number of challenges.


Wife Material Woes

On 8th March, the comedian announced that the show was to start that night.

On March 10th, Season 2 contestants were involved in a physical fight at a city club during his Birthday party.

A video shared by Omondi via his Instagram captures the contestants exchanging blows to an extent of forcing police officers and stewards who were providing security at the club to intervene.

On March 11th, Eric gets arrested.


In a statement, Kenya Film and Classification Board said that the comedian was arrested for contravening the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222, which prohibits production and distribution of unauthorized films, and in this case his Wife Material series.

Omondi said the decision owed to the fact that production “will take time to celebrate and mourn” the late President Magufuli. He further added that this decision was made “out of honor and respect for our brothers and sisters from Tanzania.”

On March 24th, the comedian announced that the show will be PG Rated, and therefore not suitable for children.


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