Tabitha Karanja speaks on Tecra Muigai’s death, KTN’s Sharon Momanyi announces pregnancy and other top stories


Tabitha Karanja, Sharon Momanyi and Lillian Muli

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I dearly miss her counsel and company-Tabitha Karanja on Tecra’s death

Keroche Breweries boss Tabitha Karanja has spoken about her daughter Tecra Muigai’s death for the first time. Ms Karanja who was marking 100 days after the burial of her daughter said her death, left her heartbroken, and time has changed nothing.

She went on to state that the only thing that has changed instead, is her eyes opening up to more truths.

Tabitha Karanja mentioned that that from the time Tecra was born, she was attracted to her curiosity and became her source of ideas in private and public life as a business woman, adding that she misses her daughter who was the Strategy and Innovations Director at Keroche Breweries.

This week marks 100 days since we laid to rest my last born daughter Tecra. Her death left me brokenhearted without an idea of how to move forward. People say to give it time. But truth is that time changes nothing. What has changed is my eyes have been opened to more truths. 29 years ago when Tecra was gifted to me, I was drawn to her insatiable curiosity. Through the years i benefited from her outlook of the world. She became my sounding board in my very private life and my public life as an entrepreneur. I dearly miss her counsel and company. I've heard from friends in 20 countries whose lives Tecra touched & inspired. Her life proves what differentiates people is - opportunity. Thank you all for prayers that helped ease our pain. For those in a similar place, i pray for grace to live & grieve at the same time,” tweeted Tabitha Karanja.

This is why people divorce – Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Controversial city preacher Pastor Godfrey Migwi has sworn never to officiate a wedding if the groom will not have seen the bride’s face without makeup.The House of Hope Church Pastor said that the groom, should have seen the face of the woman he is to marry without makeup, at least three weeks into courtship

He went on to say that cases of divorce are on the rise, and this is one of the major reasons people are divorcing.

Pastor Migwi called on other church Ministers to follow suit for such cases to reduce.

I decree and declares as a called and ordained minister of the gospel by God's grace of this generation and as a licensed pastor in this nation through our constitution, that I will never officiate any wedding in the church if the man have not get the prevarage to see the bride face to face without makeups at least three weeks in their courtship. And I urge other church ministers to follow suit, this is one of the most part of the reasons people divorce akioga unaona mtu mwingine mwenye hawafanani na yule wako ulioa unakua confused #marriageworks #divorceAllover #counsellorDuty,” Pastor Godfrey Migwi.

Nilikuwa najua the best career was either kuwa Makanga ama Mwizi – Kabi WaJesus

YouTuber Peter Kabi popularly known as Kabi WaJesus has disclosed that he once believed that the best jobs in this life was to either be a bus conductor (Makanga) or a thief.

Kabi said that growing up in Kayole, he did not have role models and this contributed a lot to his decision.

He went on to say that of the two jobs, he did not want to be a thief because he was afraid he’d steal and get beaten, so he chose to be a bus conductor because he could make money on a daily basis.

The YouTuber mentioned that it was the life he wanted but once he stepped out of it, and got saved, he realized there was more to life and he could get more than that.

I did all those things because I didn’t have role models. Nilikuwa najua hii ndio life. Nilikuwa najua the best career in this life was either kuwa makanga ama kuwa mwizi lakini sikuwa nataka kuwa mwizi juu nilikuwa najipenda. Nilikuona naona nikikuwa mwizi nipigwe mawe mimi. So naona makanga at least hapo nitapata pombe virahisi because doo ni ya daily na madem wanapenda makanga. Huko mtaa makanga amepiga silver zake safi amepiga mangoto… nilikuwa naangalia nasema this is the life I want to live but once nilistep out nikakuja kujua Jesus na nikapatana na watu wanafikiria bigger nlianza kufikiria big,” said Kabi WaJesus.

Lillian Muli’s reaction after being endorsed for MP’s seat by her fan

Media Personality Lillian Muli has expressed contentment in a fan who endorsed her for an MP’s seat back in her constituency “Mwala”, stating that she is glad that there are people out there who think good of her.

The Citizen TV news anchor shared a screenshot of a Facebook post made by a guy identified as Empirer Kithu, urging the people of Mwala Constituency to get used to their MP “Mapema”.

The statement had been shared in a Facebook Group called “Mwala Constituency University and College Students Development Forum” that has over 5.7K members.

“People from Mwala get used to your next Mp 2022 @lilianmulikanene” read the Facebook Post.

Upon seeing the post, Ms Muli reverted back saying she was grateful for all those wishing her well.

“Someone just sent me this. Glad to see there are people out there who think so good of me,” reacted Ms Muli.

Quickly, a good number of her Insta-family joined the conversation advising her to consider going for the seat now that she has been in the limelight for quite some time.

KTN’s Sharon Momanyi announces pregnancy

Award-Winning Journalist cum KTN News Anchor Sharon Momanyi and her hubby are expecting their first child together.

Ms Momanyi made the revelation, while gracing our screens on Wednesday, for the KTN Prime Time news.

“Oh Look! It’s my adorable, little co-anchor 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️ #BestGiftEver#Ohbaby,” shared Sharon Momanyi.

Before the announcement, Ms Momanyi had kept her pregnancy a secret, with minimal updates on Instagram. In another update while taking a walk with her husband at Karura Forest the TV Girl took a few photos but made sure her baby bump was well hidden.

Following the good news, Friends and colleagues in the media went on to send the TV girl congratulatory messages as she awaits the coming of her new bundle of joy.

Sauti Sol explain the meaning behind the song Rhumba Japani

Kenyan Boy band Sauti Sol have explained the meaning behind their hit song Rhumba Japani which has attracted a good number of fans from their recently launched album, Midnight Train.

Sauti Sol decided to tell their fans why they wrote the song that features Sol Generation singers Bensoul and Nviiri the Storyteller, Kaskazini, Xenia Manasseh, Okello Max and Nairobi Horns, after a fan identified as Nya Mgezenge, asked to know what the song means.

I want to know what that Rhumba Japani song means @sautisol it's one of my favs on the album,” asked the Fan.

The boy band then responded saying that there was a Congolese band called Rhumba Japan they used to watch play in Nairobi after their practice, as they waited for rush hour to end so that bus fare could reduce.

Sauti Sol went on to say that the song is a poem to the band and the significance of that time in their lives and music journey.

There's a Congolose band called Rhumba Japan. We used to go watch them play at a pub in Nairobi after our practice to avoid rush hour bus fare because that's when it was affordable to go home. The jam is an ode to them and the significance of those times in our journey,” explained Sauti Sol.


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