They don't come easier than this, the Pulse 10-minute, no-stress Sandwich

Plus a simple trick to avoid "onion-breath"

The Pulse 10-minute, no-stress Beef Brawn Sandwich

Buttered bread for breakfast can quickly get extremely boring especially now that life is slowly returning to normal after Coronavirus lock downs are being lifted.

Sandwiches help to kill that "bready boredom" and what's more, a sandwich is also perfect for a quick lunch.

This week Pulselive made an attempt at beating the clock in making a simple, easy-to-eat and delicious sandwich and we succeeded!

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The Pulselive trick to avoiding "onion-breath"

Onions are a delicious vegetable but they have a very powerful and unmistakable flavour which discourages most of us from having them uncooked.

Our Beef Brawn sandwich does not require you to cook any of the ingredients but it will also include onions.

Here's how to reduce chances of getting that nasty "onion breath": chop your onion into thin slices or cubes then steep them in boiling-hot salty water for ten minutes.


Makes 2 sandwiches

A few Lettuce leaves

4 slices Bread (white or brown as you prefer)

2 slices Beef Brawn

1 red Tomato

1/2 a red Onion

1/2 cup hot salty Water

A dollop of Margarine or salted Butter


  • Wash, chop and steep the onions in the hot salty water and set aside.
  • Lightly toast both sides of each bread slice and butter one side each while still warm.
  • Lay the buttered slices of bread side by side and start assembling your 10-minute sandwich.
  • A nice order to follow is laying lettuce leaves on the bread first then the rest of the components as you prefer.
  • Add on the beef brawn and bring two bread slices with the veggies together.
  • If you don't like bread crusts then this would be a good time to slice them off.
  • Slice in half and enjoy. If you are packing the sandwiches for travel, then stick a toothpick through to stop the sandwich from falling apart.


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