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Carolina Carlz shares unspoken challenges of marrying a foreigner in Kenya

Carlz lamented the inefficiencies within government offices, where even simple printouts of uploaded documents necessitated cumbersome trips to cyber cafes.

Carolina Carlz and her husband during their traditional wedding in Kenya

YouTuber and content creator Carolina Carlz recently shed light on the lesser-known hurdles of marrying a foreigner in Kenya, drawing from her personal experience tying the knot with her Canadian husband, Troy William.

In a candid Instagram post, Carlz offered a glimpse into the complexities of navigating the bureaucratic maze involved in obtaining marriage certificates for their cross-cultural union.

She highlighted the intricate process they underwent at the Attorney General's office, opting for a special license certificate to expedite their paperwork in preparation for their garden wedding.

Detailing the arduous journey, Carlz revealed the extensive documentation required to validate her husband's identity, marital status, and intent to marry.


From original copies of documents from Canadian government agencies to sworn statements endorsed by the Canadian high commission in Kenya, the ordeal proved to be a logistical challenge fraught with delays and bureaucratic red tape.

"The process starts on ecitizen like the rest, we chose the special licence cert. however it took us a month & a half instead of a week or so (like a Kenyan to Kenyan marriage)to finalize as they required so many documents to prove who he is, single & never married before and wanted to get married, original copies, not ones they could sign, stamp, scan and send via email! by their govt agencies in Canada ( thank God for air shipping companies) & some sworn & signed by the Canadian high commission in Kenya( which takes time to get an appointment for, because they don't accept walk-ins)," said Carlz.

Despite technological advancements, Carlz lamented the inefficiencies within government offices, where even simple printouts of uploaded documents necessitated cumbersome trips to cyber cafes.


"Let's not talk about the simple printouts, our govt. reps can't do for you even though they have the printers & they already have the documents uploaded in their systems but have to make you do a long walk to the cyber cafes opposite Sheria house," she added.

The culmination of these frustrations reached a crescendo just days before their wedding, as they rushed to exchange vows and sign marriage certificates amidst a whirlwind of administrative hurdles.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Carlz candidly admitted to moments of disillusionment and even resorted to bribery at one point to expedite the review process. However, amidst the chaos, she maintained a sense of humour, likening the experience to a "willing buyer, willing seller" transaction.


Beyond the civil ceremony, Carlz and her husband also celebrated their union with a traditional wedding, underscoring the significance of honouring both cultural traditions and legal formalities.

They have also had a white wedding which makes it all the three weddings the couple have had.


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