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Easy online process to identify a fake lawyer in Kenya

The Advocates Act stipulates severe consequences for those falsely claiming to be advocates of the High Court.

A group of lawyers during admission to the bar

The legal profession in Kenya, like any other profession, is not immune to individuals who impersonate lawyers without the required licensure.

To combat this, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has established rigorous measures to ensure that only licensed legal practitioners are authorised to practice law in the country.

LSK utilises a dedicated online portal through which individuals can verify whether a lawyer is licensed to practice and affiliated with a specific firm.

  1. The portal can be accessed by searching 'LSK advocates' on any search engine.
  2. A portal will emerge on the screen with a search area written 'search advocate'
  3. Type in the full name of the lawyer and click search
  4. If the lawyer is registered, a photo and company he works for, practising year, address and practising status will emerge as results while if he is not registered the results will read 'no results found'

The portal also keeps a record of inactive lawyers, suspended, those struck off and even those who have passed on.

Additionally, the Advocates Act stipulates severe consequences for those falsely claiming to be advocates, prohibiting them from seeking remuneration for legal services rendered.


Understanding the process of becoming a recognised legal professional sheds light on the rigorous journey lawyers undertake.

The road to becoming an Advocate of the High Court in Kenya commences in high school, where excelling in language subjects, particularly English and Kiswahili, is crucial.

Prospective law students must achieve a minimum grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), with a B in either English or Kiswahili, to pursue a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree.

A distinctive feature of legal education is its comprehensive, non-crash-program structure, necessitating a mandatory four-year study period.

This four-year undergraduate program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles, case law, and constitutional frameworks.


Upon completing their LLB, graduates are recognised as lawyers but are not immediately permitted to practice law in court. Instead, they might work as legal researchers in law firms.

The next step is enrollment in the Advocates Training Programme at the Kenya School of Law (KSL), a comprehensive 18-month course inclusive of pupillage.

This rigorous postgraduate program provides aspiring lawyers with practical training, legal research skills, and a deeper understanding of various legal fields.


The program serves as a preparatory phase for the Bar examination and emphasises the practical application of legal knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The Bar examination evaluates candidates' comprehension of legal principles, statutes, case law, and ethical standards, ensuring their competence in the application of legal concepts and practices.

Successful completion at this stage qualifies candidates to petition the Chief Justice (CJ) for admission to practice law in the country.

While the legal journey may appear daunting, its significance cannot be understated. Advocates highlight the demanding nature of the training, emphasising the need for intense dedication and sacrifice, often at the expense of personal time and social engagements.


Upon passing the Bar examination, aspiring lawyers are mandated to undertake a period of pupillage under the supervision of experienced and practising advocates.

Pupillage serves as an essential phase of practical training, allowing individuals to gain firsthand experience in legal practice, courtroom proceedings, and client representation.

Following the successful completion of the Advocates Training Program and the designated period of pupillage, individuals are eligible to apply for admission to the Roll of Advocates maintained by LSK.

The Law Society of Kenya continues to ensure that the legal sector maintains the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practice.


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