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Fredrick Muitiriri explains how NTV decides news that goes on air

The NTV news anchor went viral for the use of the Swahili term 'mpyaro' in the bulletin aired on Monday, June 19

NTV News anchor Fredrick Muitiriri

In response to recent discussions surrounding NTV's interactions with Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, news anchor and Kiswahili News Editor, Fredrick Muitiriri, has issued a statement clarifying the media house's autonomy.

Muitiriri emphasized that NTV operates independently, following internal procedures to ensure impartial and balanced news coverage. He shed light on the editorial responsibilities and decision-making processes within the organization.

Contrary to misconceptions propagated by politicians, Muitiriri asserted that no external forces exert influence over the journalists at NTV.

"No one holds his gun on our (journalists) heads and says 'you must do ABCD'... at least not for NTV," said Muitiriri.


He revealed his role as a Kiswahili News Editor, where a significant portion of his work involves generating and editing news content for on-air transmission. Muitiriri emphasized that he, along with other editors, play a pivotal role in determining what goes on air and ensuring fairness in coverage.

Having joined NTV a year ago, Muitiriri reflected on the importance of balance, a fundamental policy he encountered upon his arrival. The editorial director consistently stressed the responsibility the media house held towards the country, urging caution when reporting politicians' statements and ensuring impartiality.

"We were to give equal airtime to all candidates... NTV had the most fair coverage in the country," he stated.


He emphasized that NTV was committed to providing balanced coverage, allocating equal time to political parties and refraining from promoting hate speech.

Addressing concerns about external influence, Muitiriri made it clear that no superior had dictated what should or should not be aired. He stated, "No one has ever sent us any story saying, 'that must air'."

Muitiriri highlighted that the bulletins at NTV are a collective effort, where ideas from reporters, editors, and managing editors shape the final content. He said the decision-making process is independent, with editors determining the appropriateness of news items for the viewers.


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