MP challenges Police Spokesperson Charles Owino to a face-off

Prepare to face me - Charles Owino told

Police spokesman Charles Owino. He said the arrest was based on false information.

Police Spokesperson Charles Owino has been challenged to a face-off by Ugunja Member of Parliament (MP) Opiyo Wandayi.

In a war of words which played out at a funeral service on Saturday, MP Wandayi declared that he would be facing off with the police official during the upcoming General Election.

"Prepare to face me and accept whichever outcome. We are not taking any chances and we are confident that we will form the next government," the MP stated.

The legislator added that he was confident that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum bill would be reinstated, assuring his supporters that BBI proponents would form the next government.

Wandayi was responding to a claim which had just been made by Spokesperson Owino concerning the woman who was buried in Siaya County over the weekend.

According to Owino, Wandayi allegedly sabotaged the late Florence Aluodo's chances at being elected as Siaya Woman Representative by supposedly rigging the party primaries.

Referencing the 2017 General Election, Owino alleged that the late Aluodo was rigged out in favour of Christine Ombaka who is the current Siaya Woman Rep.

Directing his comments at National Assembly Chairman of the Publics Accounts Committee, Mr Owino stated that he would not allow any of his votes to be stolen.

"I can assure my supporters that no one will steal my votes… I vow to transform the County," reiterating his desire to vie for the Siaya gubernatorial seat come 2022.

2022 politics playing out

The two leaders are gunning for the Siaya boss' seat, as incumbent Governor Cornel Rasanga concludes his second and final term in office.

The spokesperson is set to retire from his current position in the police service in December 2021.

He announced that he has opted to retire and pursue a career in politics.

I’m 50 years and I will ask the Police Service Commission and my boss to allow me go and vie for the Siaya governor’s seat.

I’ve put my best foot forward in the National Police Service. The transfer accords me less visibility and controversy before my time to leave the service comes either late this year or early next year to contest the Siaya governor’s seat. I am very serious about that,” Owino told the media.

His new feud with MP Wandayi may be emanating from the fact that both aspirants would like to vie on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai reassigned Mr Owino to the Department of Small Arms and Light Weapons where he is now the Deputy Director.

Explaining the shift in docket, Mr Owino clarified that the IG's decision was in order given the nature of the Spokeperson's ambitions.

You automatically become prejudiced the moment you declare interest in a political seat. It is only fair that I get deployed to an area with less focus and visibility.

"My political competition would have seen me as having undue advantage had I remained in that position,” the long serving officer stated.


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