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Woman attacks Anne Waiguru's motorcade forcing governor to disembark

The governor had just left a public event

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru inspecting a county project.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru's motorcade was attacked as she left a public event in her county.

A woman who is yet to be identified confronted part of the governor's security team and proceeded to approach the car which was carrying the first-time governor.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, the woman caused a commotion by attacking some of the members of the governor's convoy.

She proceeded to demand an audience with Governor Waiguru as her handlers attempted to restrain her.


The scene grew rowdy as people gathered to see what the commotion was all about. This agitated the angry woman further as she dared the security agents who were shoving her to go ahead and beat her up.

Governor Waiguru disembarked from her vehicle and granted the woman an audience as fellow Kirinyaga residents gathered to also air their grievances.

The governor was seen taking down their grievances and promising to attend to them.

When one of the residents reminded the Governor of a promise made during an event at Kangai Girls High School, she rebutted reminding the gentleman that opposition from residents had hindered her from performing the discussed promise.


Security Breaches involving VIPs

Recent days have seen a number of security breaches involving VIPs including President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Early in the week, the President of France Emmanuel Macron was slapped across the face by a bystander as he conducted a meet-the-people round outside Valence.

President Kenyatta's security has been infiltrated a total of three times over the last month.

The first time happened during an official visit to Lamu County where he presided over the launch of operations at the Lamu Port.


A member of the audience charged at the President as he was delivering his speech causing him to jump back, frightened.

Members of his security team swung into action stopping the intruder from reaching the podium where the head of state was delivering his address.

Uhuru simply stated, "Pole sana, kila mtu na mambo yake," and continued giving his speech.

Uhuru's security Infiltrated

The second time, President Kenyatta's convoy was driving out of an event in Lucky Summer area when a man jumped in front of the vehicle that was ferrying the President.


President Kenyatta rolled down his window and extended his hand to greet the man before his motorcade drove off. The man was later identified as Kepher Nyambane.

The third incident occurred during Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu County when a man ran out from the crowd and charged toward the podium where President Kenyatta was speaking.

The drama caught President Kenyatta’s eye and he tried to stop the officers from harming the stranger.

“Muwache, aende mambo zake,” he said after which he continued with his speech.


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