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A-list attendees: Jalang'o, Cebbie Koks among VIPs who graced Vesha's business launch

Akothee's 1st born daughter Vesha Okello has achieved another big milestone!

Akothee's 1st born daughter Vesha Okello

Singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, couldn't be prouder of her firstborn daughter, Vesha Okello.

Vesha has achieved another significant milestone in the business world, and her accomplishments are garnering attention and celebration.

On July 28, she took to her social media accounts to share exciting news about the launch of her latest venture, set to take place on July 29, 2023.


With much anticipation, Vesha Okello announced the upcoming launch of her next business venture through her social media accounts.

She expressed excitement for the new beginnings and the eagerness to see how their journey unfolds.

"To new beginnings, Chateau can’t wait to see how our journey unfolds," Vesha announced.

The post received enthusiastic engagement from family and friends, with congratulations pouring in for Vesha's new venture


Akothee, her mother, who has always been a pillar of encouragement, was among the first to receive an invitation to the event.

Vesha's aunt, Cebbie Koks, also extended her heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing the positive relationship she shares with both Vesha and her sister despite their past issues with Akothee.


Notable celebrities, including Langa'ta MP Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o, Eve Mungai, Jacky Vike, and Akothee's ex-boyfriend Nelly Oaks, were among those privileged to be invited to the grand occasion.

The excitement and anticipation surrounding the launch reflect the high expectations for the business.

Vesha's journey to success has been marked by notable achievements. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree from Strathmore University on December 2, 2020.


Her academic excellence and dedication led to a top job opportunity with a company where Akothee was chosen as a brand ambassador, further cementing the bond between mother and daughter

Akothee's pride in her daughter's accomplishments is evident, and her support has been unwavering.

On Vesha's 21st birthday, Akothee made her a shareholder in her company, Akothee Safaris, with Vesha holding an impressive 40 percent stake in the business.


The mother of five lauded her daughter's discipline, dedication, and success, and she expressed how Vesha's achievements were a vindication of her sacrifices as a parent.



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