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Anita Nderu breaks down after daughter's latest achievement

Emotional Anita Nderu celebrates her 10-month-old daughter after this latest achievements

Mdia Personality Anita Nderu

Renowned digital content creator, media personality, and social media influencer, Anita Nderu, is beaming with pride as she celebrates the latest milestones achieved by her 10-month-old baby girl.

The proud mom, who recently transitioned from being a TV host, joyfully shared that her daughter, Kaya, has started walking and already has two adorable teeth.

Accompanying her Thursday Instagram post, Anita shared an endearing video of Kaya confidently taking her first steps and babbling in her adorable baby language.


She excitedly announced that her little one now has two teeth, symbolizing yet another milestone in her development.

Anita expressed both joy and a touch of sentimentality, using a crying emoji to emphasize how quickly her daughter is growing.

"This update is for the online aunties and uncles with much love, Ky now has 2 teeth and is starting to walk," Anita wrote accompanying the message with a crying emoji.


While the walking and teething achievements are remarkable, Anita finds the midday naps with her daughter to be the true highlight of their days.

Excitedly expressing her love for these special moments, Anita revealed that she and Kaya have developed a new routine of napping together.


However, she humorously admitted that her left arm often feels dead after holding her sleeping daughter.

"Kaya and I have a new routine where we do midday naps together. I can't possibly express how much I love them and how dead my left arm is everyday at this time," she wrote.

In June 2023, Anita shared a heartwarming video of Kaya cooing and clapping her hands in her baby chair after a satisfying meal.


In the caption, Anita reflects on her daughter's journey from being in the womb to developing her own unique identity.

She describes the experience of witnessing Kaya's growth as interesting, cute, challenging, and sometimes bewildering.

Anita humbly admits that she learns about motherhood through hands-on experience, as each day brings new lessons and surprises.


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