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Bahati spoils wife, Diana Marua, with luxury Sh62,000 perfume gift

Diana Marua shared on social media that Bahati bought her a perfume worth Sh62,000 during their Dubai trip

Bahati and Diana Marua

After ten days touring Dubai, Kenyan couple Bahati Kioko and Diana Marua returned home to a warm reception two days ago.

The couple appointed as Dubai's tourism ambassadors representing East and Central Africa went to Dubai for an adventure.

Diana Marua has revealed that her husband Bahati bought her an expensive perfume worth Sh62,000 during their trip from Dubai.


Diana Marua, a popular Kenyan musician and social media influencer, shared on her Instagram page on Tuesday that Bahati had bought her an expensive perfume worth Sh62,000 during their trip.

The excited wife urged all her fans to make sure they feel the good smell of the expensive ointment when they meet her.

Hiyo marashi alininunulia kwa ndege, 62,000 guys. Nilimuambia my love nataka hii. Unajua aliniambia nini, baby, look at the book, make a decision and let me know what you want," Diana Marua said.


She went on to share that Bahati had purchased the perfume on the flight back home after she had expressed her desire to have it.

"He was so sleepy at haoni, nikamwambia baby, i want this one. A perfume worth Sh62,000, guys. So if you meet Diana B, make sure you smell me," She said.


Interestingly, Bahati had earlier hinted that Diana had urged him to buy her a luxury villa in Dubai so they could frequently visit and have fun.

While it is unclear whether the couple has already purchased the villa, their love for Dubai is evident. They uploaded several photos and videos of themselves enjoying a delicious meal in the desert while dressed in traditional Arab turbans.


Dubai is known for its luxury lifestyle, attracting celebrities and tourists from all over the world. From luxurious shopping malls to breathtaking architecture, there is no shortage of extravagant experiences.

Bahati and Diana said their first trip was just the beginning of good things coming. They plan to create more memories as they experience the city's rich culture.


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