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Akothee's grand wedding, Diana Marua's new TV job & more stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Bahati, Diana, KRG The Don lead musicians in joining UDA

Akothee, Diana Marua, Jeff Mote and Milly Chebby

From Akothee's wedding to Diana Marua joining a TV show, this week was filled with nothing but good stories for many celebrities.

Here is a compilation of top entertainment stories that made headlines this week.

If there was an award for the wedding of the year, then Akothee definately scooped it, her wedding was one for the books.


The venue was a sight to behold, with every detail carefully planned to ensure that the couple had a magical wedding day.

As guests arrived at the Windsor Hotel where the event was going down, they were greeted by stunning decor that set the tone for the festivities. The theme of the wedding was a touch of white and gold, and the decorations are perfectly executed, creating an ambience of elegance and luxury.

The ceremony area was adorned with flowers, and the altar was decorated with white and gold fabrics, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

After arriving, the singer clarified the exact number of marriages she had gone through before she found decided her wed her new lover.


“I have tried getting married three times, but it never worked out. I was only once married once to the father of my children. The other two white exes I was with, never married me. At some point I thought I would get married to the father of my third child, but it turned out to be an extreme sport being with him,” Akothee said.

Among celebrities that graced the event include Kisumu First Lady Madam Dorothy Nyong’o, Migori First Lady Agnes Ayacko, former Mombasa gubernatorial candidate Suleiman Shahbal and High Court advocate, Professor PLO Lumumba. Alex Mwakideu, Jalang'o, Billy Miya, David Osiany, among others.

United Democratic Affairs Secretary General Cleophas Malala welcomed a list of musicians and entertainers in the ruling party.

Some of the media personalities who joined UDA on Wednesday, April 12 are Bahati, MC Jessy, KRG The Don, Diana Marua, DJ Kwenye Beat, Sammy Boy, Mash Mwana, and Dufla Diligon among others.


Malala assured the new joiners of the party’s commitment to ensuring that the government supports the entertainment industry so that young people are dignified.

He added that the party would also support celebrities with the ambition to become leaders, by mentoring and nurturing them.

MC Jessy, who defected from UDA in 2022 following a fallout in the primaries, said that he was delighted to be back home, but also chided the party for granting the ticket to Mwiti Kathaara who eventually lost to Jubilee’s Dr. Shadrack Mwiti Ithinji.

However, Jessy said he had let bygones be bygones and would join the party alongside his supporters.


As he invited the newly joined members to speak, Malala also teased Bahati by asking him not to cry in front of TV cameras.

The Adhiambo hitmaker said he still had plans to vie for the Mathare Parliamentary seat in 2027, promising to deliver the UDA’s first elected leader from the area.

Malala tasked veteran musician Rufftone to lead the group of entertainers. Rufftone extended an invitation to other musicians and entertainers to join the ruling party and help advocate for their issues.

US-based Kenyan rapper Hubert Mbuku Nakitare also known as Nonini has slammed his long time producer Clemmo after comments saying he did not receive anything from the rapper who was awarded Sh1 million copyright infringement case over the use of one of his hit songs, ‘We Kamu’.


Clemmo said that as the person who produced the song, he should also receive some monetary compensation. However, since they never signed any agreements regarding the music they made together, Clemmo is in a difficult position to demand any Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

"Someone got paid or rather a judgement got passed and someone was favoured and got paid some money for work that I did... So that track is my track, it is my idea, and I did not get paid," Clemmo told SPM Buzz in an interview.

Nonini responded to Clemmo's comments by suggesting that he go to court if he is dissatisfied with the ruling.

"You do know every citizen has the right to appeal any court decision as per our constitution. ???? 😅 (So reading about things on mtandao utakaa fala sana).


"Also if you feel your Rights were infringed you are at all liberty to open a suit against the 2 (influencer and company) But court systems are about Facts not emotional outbursts on social media. You gotta prove your case," he noted.

Nonini also noted that he has put alot of time and resources in the case and if Clemmo wanted a share of the award then he should do the same.

"I have invested my time and resources in the suit which you can do the same. Hii mambo haitaki uzembe are we clear?" Nonini said.

Yvette Obura, who is Bahati's baby mama, recently spoke to Nairobi News and shared the reason why she and Diana Marua, Bahati's wife, are not as close as they used to be.


Yvette explained that both she and Diana have been very busy lately, which is why they haven't had much time to catch up.

Although there have been speculations online that they are not on good terms, Yvette clarified that they are still okay with each other.

“We are in good terms just that we are so busy to catch up as we used to. There are a lot of speculations going on social media but as she clarified, we are good," Yvette stated.

Yvette was put in a position where she had to respond diplomatically on March 12 when her fans inquired about why her daughter, baby Mueni Bahati, no longer lived with her father and stepmother, Diana.

"By the way, let me tell you everything I do especially on social media I limit myself because, at the end of the day, Mueni will be in the next ten years Mueni will be old enough na atakuja social media aone." Yvette said.


Her statement came after Diana wrote on her Instagram account, asking her fans not to express ingratitude when requesting that she bring baby Mueni home to her siblings and admonishing any spirit of separation.

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o and radio personality turned YouTuber Andrew Kibe confronted each other after years of passive-aggressive relationship on social media.

Kibe hosted Jalang’o on his YouTube for an interview but it didn’t take long before the underlying issues between them surfaced, forcing them to address them.


The two entertainers have not had a close relationship since 2020 when Kibe left Kiss FM and the comedian was recruited to replace him.

Since then, the two have traded jabs at one another and at one time, Jalas accused Kibe of being idle and making a living as a home caregiver in the US.

During the interview, Jalang’o addressed the elephant in the room, asking “Wewe Kibe nilikufanyia nini (What did I ever do to you)?”.

The YouTuber then confessed that he laughed at the MP when rumours hit social media, claiming that he had lost the Lang’ata MP seat during the General Election in 2022.

Do you why I said what I said, it is because you had hated on me and you had said something that was not true,” Kibe said, referring to a video in which Jalang’o dismissed him as an idle caregiver in the US.


Jalang’o turned the heat on Kibe, accusing him of starting the online beef despite having been friends in the past.

You can’t just wake up one day and start saying whatever nasty things and tagging me in them. What I said was only a little retaliation, I didn't know you caught feelings,” Jalango defended.

The YouTuber reminded Jalas that he defended him against allegations of being linked to wash wash cartels in Nairobi.

The Lang’ata MP called out Kibe for digressing on the interview, forcing him to resume the objective of the interview.


At the end of the interview, Kibe confessed his admiration for Jalang’o career progression and the two agreed to partner on a community project for one of the schools in Lang’ata.

Content creator Milly Chebby and her husband Terence Creative have clashed with gospel singer over the dress Milly wore to Akothee's wedding which Emmy Kosgei claimed was designed by Emmykay House of designs which she owns.

While posting the photo of the dress, Milly Chebby tagged Visha Designs Kenya as the designer behind the outfit.

Emmykay House of Designs, a shop owned by Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei, also published the same outfit, claiming it was done by them.


Milly and Terrence took to the comments section of the post, asking the designers to pull down the post as the dress is not their work.

"Kindly bring my image down now, this is wrong," Milly Chebby wrote.

The argument about who designed the dress continued, with Emmaykay designs claiming that Terence Creative even sent the balance for the design of the dress.

"So what was the balance for that was sent through M-PESA yesterday? Kindly be honest and tell people the truth," the Emmy Kosgei's designer responded.


Seemingly done with the unending argument, Milly Chebby said she had credited the persons behind their outfits for the wedding.

"I'm honestly tired of all this back and forth. You all know before God that you neither designed our outfits nor tailored them. Also, the last post before this was in 2022. That says a lot. I've already shared the contact of the person who did the work. Stop lying to people," she said.

Emmy Kosgei also appeared in the comments, praising her staff for their excellent work and confirming that she witnessed the making of the dress.

A look at Visha Kenya's Instagram account which Milly Chebby credited for the design finds nine posts, and before Milly's dress was posted, the last photo they published was in June 2022. In addition, the account has changed its username at least four times in the past.


The case was similar on Emmykay's Facebook page as their last post was in August 2022. It still remains unclear who is telling the truth on the matter.

Rapper Diana Marua is set to grace TV screens after inking a lucrative deal that will see her take up a new role in TV as a show host.

Diana who is married to singer Kevin Bahati will host the third season of popular dating show, 'Hello Mr Right'.

The star-studded line-up will see the mother of three host the show alongside comedian Dr Ofweneke and marriage counsellor Getrude Mungai.


She was unveiled as a host in pomp and color at an event that went down on Friday April 14, 2023 evening.

Among those present during the unveiling were Bahati, Guardian Angel, and comedians such as Blessed Njugush, Eddie Butita, Sandra Dacha, Akuku Danger among other celebrities and social media personalities.

An elated Diana noted that she is excited to be part of the show and promised her fans that it will live up to expectations.

“I am very humbled to be unveiled today as the co-host for the Mr Right show and I would like to promise my supporters that this would be bigger and better compared to seasons one and two.


"I'm excited about this new role, and I promise to bring my A-game to the show. Hello Mr Right is a great platform that helps people find love, and I'm honoured to be part of it." Diana said.

This will be Diana’s first stint as a TV show host.

After five years at K24, news anchor Jeff Mote has announced that he is leaving the station. He has been appointed as Head of Media Partnerships in the Africa division of Sandin Consulting.

Mote who boasts of over 15 years in the media space co-hosted the morning breakfast show on K24 alongside Shiko Kaitanny and Mbuvi before his departure.


Expressing excitement for his new role Jeff said he was ready to create refreshing content for the continent.

"I'm looking forward to my new engagement with creating synergies and unique content products across the continent. It's definitely a very exciting opportunity," Mote said.

Mote began his media career in 2007 in Homeboyz Radio where he worked for six years before he moved to Radio Africa group as a radio presenter untill 2017.

In November 2017, he joined Media Max where he has been untill his recent exodus. In 2011, he launched his own consultancy firm, Mediascape Limited, and is a facilitator at the Communic8 Voiceover Workshop.


Tanzanian music sensation Zuhura Othman, popularly known as Zuchu, has gifted herself a new multi-million Range Rover.

The talented singer, who has been making waves in the music industry, took to her social media pages to share the exciting news with her fans.

In a post on her Instagram stories, Zuchu shared a picture inside her new car, with the caption "New toy."

First to ride in the car was Zuchu's mother Khadija Kopa who was present to receive the multimillion automobile.


Zuchu's success in the music industry has been nothing short of impressive. Her unique sound and style have earned her a legion of fans not only in Tanzania but across Africa and beyond.

She has been making waves with hit songs such as 'Sukari' and 'Cheche' which have been dominating the airwaves.


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