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#PulseUhondoMtaani - Vera speaks on begging for money to fund lavish Baby shower

Gloria Muliro, Eric Omondi, Vera Sidika and Diamond Platnumz

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Shika Simu yangu bro, we need you - Eric Omondi begs Eddie Butita

Comedian Eric Omondi is begging fellow comedian and script writer Eddie Butita to come on board as the director for Wife Material season 3.

In a statement, Omondi said that Butita has been ignoring his phone calls despite him being one of his close friends.

He also mentioned that Butita is demanding Sh.3.5 million in order to take up the Wife material job.

Omondi to Butita

“This is the problem with our Industry @eddiebutita is not only a very good friend of mine but I consider him my bro. But sasa akianza kusema ati I talk to his team na achukui simu zangu. Why would you send me to your manager and yet we can talk and do business😥😥🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️...Sisi hatuna shida ya Pesa we are only calling upon you to offer your Professional services ama juu ya Netflix sasa umeingiwa na Kiburi😥😥Shika simu yangu bro. The Show begins next week Tuesday and we need you. You've asked for 35,000 USD which is roughly 3.5 MILLION and we are willing to pay even more. @eddiebutita” said Eric Omondi.

On the other hand, Eddie Butita insisted that Omondi should talk to his Management before they can strike a deal.

@ericomondi as I told you earlier my team has insisted the rate is USD35,000 upfront juu wewe ni mtu wetu. tell your management to do the honours” shared Butita.

Comedian Eddie Butita was force behind the success of Wife Material season one, but parted ways with Omondi afterwards leading to the flop of season two the show.

Just the other day, Omondi announced that Wife Material 3 is set to kick off on October 19, with ladies from Rwanda, Nigeria and South Sudan.

I spent Sh800K - Vera speaks on begging for money to fund lavish Baby shower

Socialite and Businesswoman Vera Sidika is yet again fighting off critics after allegations of begging for money to fund her lavish baby shower surfaced online.

In another bitter rant, Sidika quashed the reports, stating that she spent over Sh800, 000 on her Baby shower.

“They started by saying there was no food or drinks at the BABY SHOWER. They realized there was now went to make stories to make it look like am a beggar. Begging people for money. Sh100K, the same person that spends Sh60K on lunch in a day is the one you claim begged for 100K for baby shower, are you mad? Did baby shower look worth Sh100K to you” said Vera in Part.

She went on to clarify that Sh103, 000 in question was gifted to her by friends who had created a WhatsApp Group with the aim of surprising her during the Baby shower.

“It was so emotional. Risper is a good friend Very thoughtful even when she knows I don’t want or need it. She still goes all out for her friends. God Bless you…I was informed the group had about 40 people, 14 of those contributed Sh103, 000 which was a surprise, I appreciated a lot” she said.

In a bid to support her argument, Ms Sidika shared a series of conversations from the WhatsApp Group that was created by her friend Risper Faith.

The socialite went on to brag that her Baby Shower was the best party ever organized in Kenya.

"Tell me how can a Human being like me Use Sj113, 00 that did ask for. To throw a fancy Baby shower party that cost me over Sh800K. Since you all saying Watu walichanga pesa za BABY shower. Event planner alone has to be booked couple of weeks before event dates in this week season…how do you think 100K given on 9gh October 12pm as a surprise from friends can plan a fancy BABY shower”

Singer Gloria Muliro weds fiancé Evans Sabwami in private wedding

Award-winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro is officially off the market after walking down the aisle with her fiancé Evans Sabwani.

Reports indicate that the two exchanged wedding vows at a private ceremony in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County with family and close friends in attendance.

The singer first introduced her man to the public on February 14, 2021, at a time the world was celebrating Valentine’s Day.

At that particular time, the Anatenda hit-maker jot down a sweet and precise message to her lover, terming him as the reason as to why she was celebrating February 14th.

Rayvanny surprises his videographer with a brand new Car (Video)

Next Level CEO Rayvanny has gifted his photographer and Videographer Eris Mzava a brand new Toyota Corolla Rumion.

The car gifted was handed over to Mzava on Thursday (Night) following what Vanny Boy described as being instrumental in the success of his record label and music career.

"#NLM Big family 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @erismzava New 🚘" –. Star Wa Muziki Barani Afrika #CHUI🐆 @rayvanny 🇹🇿 Amempatia Director Wake @erismzava Zawadi Ya Gari 🚘 #ToyotaCorollaRumion

#Rayvanny Amefanya Hivyo Ikiwa Ni Jitihada Za Director Huyo Katika Kujituma Na Utendaji Kazi Wake Wakiwa Pamoja” reads an update on the car gift.

Upon receiving the car keys, Mzava expressed gratitude towards his boss for appreciating his hard work and commitment.

“THANKS MY G @rayvanny @nextlevelmusic_tz "#NLM Big family 🔥🔥🔥🔥 " said Mzava.

Eris Mzava has been working with Rayvanny since being signed to WCB Wasafi by Diamond Platnumz back in 2016.

Debarl Inea finds new home at KTN

Media personality Debarl Inea has joined KTN News as an anchor and programmes editor.

According to sources inside the media station, Debarl has already been spotted at the offices along Mombasa Road.

Standard Media had offered the anchor a chance to join the station in 2020 but he declined after the parties failed to agree on the terms.

At the time he had just left NTV where he was hosting the breakfast show alongside different guests.

He then moved to K24 where he replaced Anne Kiguta as a host of Punchline that airs every Sunday night.

The NTV Exodus

Last year, Inea who used to host the breakfast show dubbed “AMLIVE” summarized his exit message in just 33 words, thanking NTV for the opportunity to work with them.

"It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." Thank you NMG for the opportunity. Work continues apace” read Debarl Inea’s tweet.

Abel Mutua's movie makes over Sh4M in 5 days

For a long time, it has been said that Kenyans don’t support local filmmakers and that they are not willing to pay for content.

However, an emerging technology in the content creation industry is changing how Kenyans consume content in a way that is both beneficial to them and the creators.

Abel Mutua and Phillip Karanja recently launched a local film; Grand Little Lie but instead of uploading it on the known content distribution platforms, decided to use their own website.

Kenyans across the world were able to watch the film by just paying a one off fee of Sh200 without any subscriptions.

Five days after the movie was released on October 8, Abel Mutua said that over 20,000 Kenyans had bought the watch links to catch a glimpse of the action.

This is arguably the best reception a local film has achieved in recent years. If we were to assume each of the 20,000 plus people paid the minimum fee, this translated to more than Sh4 million.

“I don’t think kuna sinema imekuwa na sales kama hizo,” Abel said in a recent live interaction with his fans on Instagram.

Diamond splashes Sh3.3 million on this new Rolex watch (Photos)

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is out here proving to be a big spender after splashing a whooping Sh.3, 325, 499 (Tsh.69, 000, 000) on a new wrist watch from the Rolex brand.

Platnumz who is currently on a tour in the United States of America, shared receipts of his latest expenditure via his Insta-stories.

“69 Million for the Watch” posted Diamond Platnumz.

The new watch is just an addition to Chibu Dangote’s collection of expensive watches.

ew pendant

In August this year, the Jeje hit-maker was again in the headlines after spending over Sh5.2 million on a new pendant bearing his nickname Simba complete with an image depicting the head of a Lion.

On August 7, 2021, Chibu Dangote took to his Instagram page to flaunt the new Gold and Diamonds #HalfManHalfLion pendant.

At that particular time, the singer, warned his fellow artistes to avoid putting on fake Chains because they risk getting cancer.

“Gold and Diamonds💎 #HalfManHalfLion Pendant!….stop wearing fake chains young boys...there's cancer ✌🏼....USD 48,000…Tsh! 111,360,000 for de pendant.................🕊

Aye ye ye! Naondokaje sasa??? kwanza nawahi nini wakati nimeachwa???? #FRESHI @icejewlz 🙌🏼”shared Platnumz.

Rapper Visita appeals for Help, says he is broke & homeless

Renowned Kenyan Musician Visita is begging for help from well-wishers on grounds that he is broke and homeless.

n an interview with Tuko, Visita said that currently he is being housed in a recording studio by one of his friends.

He mentioned that he was kicked out of his House due to rent arrears and now he doesn’t have a place to call home.

“Mimi venye nilifungiwa Keja, I had to look for ways to talk to my wife for her to take our kids to the village maana watoto hawezi teseka Nairobi…”

Nilikuwa nadozz hapa na Msupa, tulikaa hapa na Msupa kama wiki moja… ndo nikabonga na DJ Lebbz akaniokolea place ya kukaa. So this is real, unajua sometimes watu wanachukulia ni jokes msee akiwa kwa ngori. This studio belongs to DJ Lebbz and Mutua and I appreciate them so much for always helping me” said Visita.

Currently, Visita’s proprieties are being kept in a verandah, outside the house where he used to stay before being kicked out.

During interview, Visita, partly blamed Radio Citizen Presenter Willy M Tuva for his tribulations.

“… I don’t like Tuva. He is pretender. I don’t like someone who calls me and tells me I’m the biggest producer in Est and central Africa. Don’t tell me that if you don’t me it. Then he went ahead and took my laughter and performance track akaenda aka register skiza. Nampigia Tuva the first thing I hear is my voice. I have called him severally ananizungusha tu, I don’t like Tuva but don’t have a problem with him. I don’t respect him. My experience with Tuva is just bad it’s not a good vibe. I had respected him so much” said Visita in part.

Donald Kipkorir gifts daughter new car as she graduates from Birmingham City University

Prominent city lawyer Donald Kipkorir gifted his daughter a brand new car upon graduating with Distinction from Birmingham City University, in the UK.

The car gift was handed over to her during a party that had been put together to celebrate her success.

“My Beloved Daughter graduated with Distinction from Birmingham City University… my BFFs led by Hon.Justice Isaac Lenaola, came to Bless her. I give thanks to God Almighty for the many favors He grants me …. And we danced!” shared Donald Kipkorir.

The invites only party was attended by the likes of; Hon. Justice Isaac Lenaola, PLO Lumumba among others.

“… my BFFs led by Hon.Justice Isaac Lenaola, came to Bless her. I give thanks to God Almighty for the many favors He grants me …. And we danced”

“My Beloved Daughter & Her Circle of Loyal Friends …. Like Dad, she is building her BFFs. May God Bless her paths” wrote Donald Kipkorir.

The act of the city lawyer gifting his daughter a new car and throwing an exquisite party for her elicited lots of positive vibrations from his followers on Instagram.

Sherehe after sherehe: JB Masanduku reveals how he spent Sh1M in 11 days

JB Masanduku has revealed how he wasted his first Sh1 million in just 11 days as he crisscrossed East Africa, spending money on clubs, alcohol and women.

In an interview with Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki, the son of former Vioja Mahakamani actor Masanduku Arap Smit explained how - after getting his money - JB booked a flight to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi with the intention of "kujibamba".

"When I reached Uganda, I exchanged Sh100,000 and received UGX Sh1 million. At the time I was a millionaire both in Kenya and Uganda," the comedian hilariously explained.

Immediately he reached Entebbe International Airport, JB bought a phone and other accessories then requested an airport taxi to drive him to Kampala approximately 42.2 kilometres (Km) away.

"I had money, so I had to travel in style. You know how expensive the yellow airport taxis are," he explained to Churchill who was bemused.

"I instructed the taxi driver to take me to the most expensive club in town, not the best but the most expensive," said Masanduku.

"When I reached my destination, I gifted the driver my brand new phone - which I had bought at Sh112,000- as a token of appreciation," he continued.

Once Masanduku got to the club, he gave a set of instructions to the waiter. "Whoever is drinking beer, give them 5 more bottles, whoever is drinking wine, give them 2 more bottles, whoever is taking shots, give them a bottle, I will pay the bill."

"Once everyone was served and after paying the bill, to my surprise I still had a lot of money in the form of Ugandan currency," Masanduku continued.

Everyone at the club was intrigued by his generosity as more and more people especially women came towards him eager to know who Masanduku was.

"I was surrounded by a great number of club dwellers, and in the process someone stole Sh300,000," he narrated.

After his escapade in the Pearl of Africa, Masanduku travelled to Rwanda then Burundi where he was left with only Sh12.

Government fires tough warning at those Pirating Alikiba's new Album

The Tanzanian government through the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) has fired at tough warning at those pirating musical works from artistes, especially Alikiba’s new Album ‘Only One King’.

In a statement released on Thursday, COSATA said that those found engaging in the illegal business risk going to jail as well as revocation of their business permit.

“Taasi ya Hakimiliki Tanzania COSOTA inakemea Vikali Usambazaji wa Kazi za Muziki, Filamu na kazi zingine zote zinazolindwa na sheria ya Hakimiliki usiozingatia utaratibu wa kisheria ikiwemo kudurufu na kusambaza kazi hizo pasipo makubaliono na mmiliki wa kazi hiyo”

COSOTA inasisitiza kuwa itachukua hatua kali za kisheria kwa watu wote watakaobainika kuzalisha na kusambaza kazi za Sanaa bila kuwa na vibali vya wamiliki sababu huo ni uharamia” reads the statement in part.

The statement comes at a time reports had surfaced online that a pirated version of Alikiba’s new Album was being sold by unauthorized people.

“COSOTA inatoa wito kwa Wazalishaji na wasambazaji wote nchini kuacha kuzalisha na kusambaza kazi zote ambazo hazijazingatia sheria na ni lazima kuheshimu kazi za wabunifu na uwekezaji wanaofanya katika kuandaa na kuzalisha kazi hizo, hali hii ya uharamia inachangia dhoofisha ukuaji wa sekta ya Sanaa nchini na kupoteza mapato ya wasanii” COSOTA warned.

Kings Music Records CEO Ali Saleh Kiba alias Alikiba officially launched his 3rd Studio Album “Only One King’ on October 7, 2021.

He has featured Kenya’s Nyashinski on Washa, Sauti Sol on Let Me and Khaligrah Jones on Habibty.

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