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Mbosso sheds light on the genesis of strained relationship with Otile Brown

According to Mbosso, Otile Brown has accused him of stealing his songs in the past

Mbosso and Otile Brown

Tanzanian music sensation Mbwana Yusuf Kilungi, popularly known as Mbosso Khan, has recently shed light on the reasons behind the strained relationship between himself and Kenyan singer Otile Brown.

Although Mbosso's musical style bears some resemblance to Otile Brown's, he revealed that their professional relationship has been fraught with accusations and unfulfilled collaborations.

According to Mbosso, Otile Brown has accused him of stealing his songs, and their much-anticipated collaboration never materialized, leading to underlying tensions between the two artists.


Mbosso clarified that he has not shared a close bond with Otile Brown, and their interactions have been limited, mostly revolving around the potential collaboration that never came to fruition.

"Mimi sinaga noma na msanii yoyote, yaani mm ni msanii ambaye ukilazimisha uwe na noma na mimi ntakukwepa tu.

"Sio mara moja, kuna kipinidi alisema tumemuibia wimbo naonaga vitu vingi, hatujai kuwa washikaji sana ila nakumbuka aliwai kunicheki kwa ajili ya collabo miaka kadhaa nyuma," Mbosso said in an interview on Wasafi FM.

Mbosso further explained that he had directed Otile Brown to follow the necessary collaboration procedures through his management team.


However, Otile did not actively pursue the necessary steps, leading to the eventual demise of the potential collaboration.

Mbosso emphasised the importance of following proper procedures when initiating collaborations, especially considering his commitment to his management team's protocols.

"Alinicheki lakini nilimpa utaratibu wa kufuata nafikiri alishindwa kufuatilia utaratibu wa viongi, mimi ni msanii nipo kwenye management kwa hivyo unapotaka tufanye kazi inabidi ufuatilie processes.


"Mimi nkiona kitu hakina madhara huwa sikifatilii," Mbosso pointed out.

It's worth noting that Otile Brown, known for his Swahili-infused music, has previously collaborated with renowned Tanzanian artists, including Harmonize and Barakah The Prince.


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