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Mohamed Ali, Onsarigo & 11 other top investigative journalists who shook the nation

These journalists have faced personal risks in their pursuit of truth that has led to impactful exposés that have shaped public discourse

John-Allan Namu, Dennis Onsarigo, Purity Mwambia and Mohamed Ali

Kenyan journalism has grown over the years, and part of this growth has been through investigative journalism, which often presents untold stories and exposes societal ills.

These journalists go beyond the headlines, delving deep into the underbelly of society to unearth stories that shape public discourse and hold the powerful accountable.

Their work, often carried out at great personal risk, shines a spotlight on corruption and injustice, fostering a more informed, transparent, and just society.

Here are 13 of Kenya's most prominent investigative journalists, whose stories have made headlines, stirred public discourse, and, in many instances, led to tangible reform.


Widely known as Moha Jicho Pevu, Ali became synonymous with fearless investigative reporting with his series 'Jicho Pevu,' which aired on KTN.

With a career marked by daring exposés, Moha etched his place as one of Kenya's most respected and influential investigative journalists.

His moniker, 'Jicho Pevu' (Swahili for Investigative Eye), perfectly encapsulated his keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication to uncovering hidden truths.


Among his top works are 'Paruwanja la Mihadarati,' 'Matapeli Tanashati,' and 'Zengwezengwe Bandarini,' among others.

Moha has been the recipient of many awards, including the Head of State Civilian Award (HSC) awarded by President Mwai Kibaki in 2009, UN Peace Ambassador in 2009, Brave Reporter of the Year (Wagalla Massacre 2011) among others.

The Africa Uncensored co-founder is another media icon, especially in the investigative realm. Namu worked with Moha Jicho Pevu at KTN and later moved to NTV.

He has spearheaded numerous exposés, including the explosive 'Kanjo Kingdom' documentary, which exposed corruption within Nairobi's County council.


With over 20 years in the media industry, Namu's work has at times forced him into exile.

The former KTN News journalist made a name for himself with the 'Case Files' sexposé series, where he investigated criminal cases involving convicted individuals.


Onsarigo also delved into high-interest matters in the country, such as the Artur brothers, who came to Kenya in 2005.

Onsarigo investigated many stories, including from as far as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

His work garnered him popularity and made him a controversial figure in different circles, having his life threatened numerous times.


Although he transitioned to an anchoring role towards the end of his TV career, Okari has worked at NTV and BBC.

Okari released multiple award-winning news documentaries between 2014 and 2021. He was the Editor of Special Projects and Investigations at NTV.

He has spent twenty years working in various broadcast journalism fields for local and international media organizations.


Some of the stories he has worked on include "Gangsters Paradise" and "Red Alert," which shook the food businesses in the country.

The former head of the investigations and crimes desk at KTN News is among the journalists who have covered internal conflict in the country, particularly in the north.

Hussein has also been at the forefront of covering elections in marginalized areas. Currently, according to his LinkedIn, Hussein works with the BBC.


The NTV journalist is among the rising investigative journalists in the country. After his stint with KTN, Obuya was recruited by Nation Media Group, where he serves on the crime and investigations desk.

Mwambia rose to prominence due to her exposé on the police's collaboration with gangs to terrorize residents.


Before that, she had worked on a couple of investigative features that shook the country. Her latest exposé, 'Guns Galore,' put her life in danger and forced her into exile in the U.S., where she remains to date.

Wallah led the investigations and crimes desk at K24 and was behind the investigative series 'Jicho Langu.'

Among the stories he covered was 'Ukatili wa Kijinsia,' which involved a series of murders of women in Nairobi.


The BBC journalist is celebrated for his work that has brought injustice and oppression to light. His exposé 'Sex for Work' earned him the African Journalist of the Year award and led to action against those involved.

Odula has also covered stories like 'The Night Runners of Homa Bay,' which exposed events that take place in the dark in the villages.


The former Citizen TV journalist led the crime and investigations desk at the station, focusing on telling complex crime stories.

From murders to kidnappings, Mugambi unravelled these complex events in ways the public could understand.


The former special projects editor at Citizen TV exposed the plundering of resources and funds at Maasai Mara University.

Mwilu later moved to start her own company, Debunk Media, where she continues to tell important stories.

The Nation Media Group journalist made a name for himself in print journalism before proving that he could tell stories on TV.


His story 'Gamblers Paradise' shook the media space and further cemented his reputation as one of Kenya's top investigative journalists.

In print, Wafula also published a story about Kenya Power's use of fake electricity meters.

Although he transitioned to politics and anchoring, Waihiga is known for his investigative piece that led to tangible action.


Mwaura was the journalist who exposed the Rio Olympics financial scandal involving the Kenyan delegation at the Games.

Wario and Soi, two of the six officials involved, were charged with misappropriation and abuse of office in the financial scandal and were sentenced to six and ten years in prison, respectively.


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