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Mr Seed calls out Jimi Wanjigi over unpaid performance 1 year later

Mr Seed says there is even a WhatsApp group in place to demand the unpaid money

A collage of Mr Seed and Jimi Wanjigi

Kenyan musician Mr Seed is still waiting for billionaire Jimi Wanjigi to pay him Sh100,000 one year after performing at a Safina party event in March 2022.

Despite repeated efforts to follow up on the payment, Mr Seed claims that he and other artists have not received any money from Wanjigi.

Speaking to this writer, Mr Seed expressed his frustration at the delay in payment, stating that efforts to reach the politician have been futile as he has kept dodging him and other fellow artists he owes.

He emphasized that the money owed to him is not a significant amount, but it is still important for him and his fellow artists who are struggling to make a living.


"He owes me Sh100,000, but there are many other artists It's just that am the only one speaking," said Mr Seed.

Seed added that the artists Wanjigi has not paid have a forum through which they try to demand their pay although it has not yielded much and neither have the artists heard a word from him or his aides.

"We have done a couple of meetings with his handler, and keep being taken in circles. We even have a WhatsApp group themed 'Pay Us Our Money', and everyone involved is in there. There has been nothing at all," added Mr Seed.


At the height of the campaigns for the 2022 General Election, Wanjigi acquired the services of artists among them Eric Omondi who he hoped would sell him to the youthful voters.

Wanjigi however did not make it to the ballot following disqualification by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for not having a university degree and instead submitting transcripts.

Following his disqualification, Wanjigi took a step back from the political space, however speaking to Nation recently, he vowed to make a major political comeback.


"The ambition is still alive. My intention is to be on the ballot and there is no doubt about it.

"I believe Kenyans understood what happened last year, we had the biggest nonvoter population ever since multiparty politics – 8 million Kenyans that didn’t go to the ballot," Wanjigi said.

Wanjigi says he will be running again in the 2027 General Elections with efforts to muscle up his Safina party already in motion.


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