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Nadia Mukami denies wife status as she shares dowry terms for Arrow Bwoy

Nadia has insisted she is not Arrow Bwoy's wife until he has paid dowry to her parents.

Singer Nadia Mukami at Kiss FM studios on August 4, 2023.

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami has taken a bold step in her relationship with singer Arrow Bwoy, urging him to formalise their commitment by paying her dowry.

The mother of one spoke about her expectations during a recent appearance on the 'Morning Kiss' show with Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox.

In no uncertain terms, Nadia emphasised the importance of acknowledging her education level and brand when it comes to setting the bride price.

She made it clear that her dowry must reflect the investment her father has made in her, as she proudly comes from a background of quality education.


The singer further added that she has a major brand which Arrow Bwoy will also have to ensure is put into consideration when thinking about her dowry.

"I am a lady who is very learned... and I am a brand. My father invested so much in me.

"I did not go to schools where people eat Githeri, so the dowry is high, and he needs to invest in this babe," Nadia asserted.


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For Nadia, the formal payment of dowry signifies the transition from being a girlfriend to becoming a wife.

Nadia made it clear that she considers herself single until the formalities of dowry payment have been completed.

She stated that her partner is with her on credit, and until he fulfils the traditional custom, she does not see herself as married.


"I am single as far as I know until the father of my child pays my dowry. He has not paid any dowry to my parents. He is with me on credit. Niko soko. I am not married to him," Nadia affirmed.

She stressed that in this era it's essential for men to understand that without paying the dowry, the relationship remains in an informal state.

"In the 21st century, we need to tell our men that if they have not paid any dowry to us, one of my legs is in love, the other one is not," she explained.


Despite their engagement and having a child together, Nadia is adamant that she should not be addressed as Arrow Bwoy's wife until the dowry has been properly paid.

The two love birds got engaged in March 2022 just a few days before their son Haseeb Kai was born.


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