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Noti Flow opens up on surviving violent relationships with men

They think sex is everything & they're possessive- Noti Flow

Noti Flow opens up on surviving violent relationships with men

Rapper Noti Flow has opened up on facing domestic violence in her previous relationships while sharing her happiness in her new found relationship.

In a candid conversation, Noti Flow addressed the violence she has faced at the hands of her male exes saying she is quite happy in her current relationship.

The rapper, who recently came out as gay, says her new sexual relationship with a woman is healing her trauma from her previous relationships and that she does not foresee facing the same with her girlfriend, King Alami.

In a revelation, Noti Flow claims that she even faced violence from her recent ex, Colonel Mustapha.


You should date men' blaah blaah. This ' wat a man did to me! 🙄 After giving him all my love, my trust, taking care of his bills & shit..Don't you dare come to my page with you don't know what you're missing bullshit. Yes I know alright. All men have done to me is hurt me, disappoint me, break me, cheat on me, detooth me, & just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me!,” came Noti’s first statements.

The rapper went on to say that despite always believing in love, her past relationships with men have truly disappointed her.

They think sex is everything & they're possessive. They want to have multiple partners but you as a woman it's an abomination to cheat! I never thought I'd be able to share this with you but I'm healed now. My body & my heart,” she continued.


On this note, Noti had in 2020 been rumored to having an affair with fellow artist Benzema, although she shut it down saying that she had never had sexual relations with him.

She added that Benzema has been mad at her since she refused to have sex without protection.

Noti has disclosed that the man who had been violent to her was behind bars and that it is an ongoing court case.

I arrested his ass tho & he was crying like a baby lmao. Behind bars is where such criminals belong. Assault is a serious case guys. Be woke. Don't throw your lives away. We have an ongoing court case. & I will make sure justice is served 💯 #stopviolenceagainstwomen #stopdomesticviolence.


Allegations of Violence with Colonel Mustapha

In December 2019, disclosed that he was in a violent relationship with Noti Flow.

In an interview with Willy M Tuva, the rapper disclosed that Noti was very violent and even used to bite him but he would do nothing about it.

“Alikua mvilolent alianza kuniuma… nimepigwa meno nina maalama kibao. Alikua ananichapa cz siezi mrudishia cz mi nitaua nikipiga, sasa napiga napiga nini..mimi nitakupiga kivipi mida mida lakini ngumi sikupigi. Mimi nitakupiga usiku tu,” said Mustafa.


Noti Flow and girlfriend King Alami

On 17th May, Noti Flow revealed that King Alami a ‘fan’, at the time got a tattoo of her name in a caption, “Everything I ever wanted in him I found in her ❤️.”

On May 31st, the rapper revealed that she is in a new relationship with King Alami and that they have been living together.

I found true love. In a gal, yes. She's everything I ever wanted. She loves me truly & she'd never wanna hurt me. NEVER! I am happy, she helped me get over the trauma from my previous relationship, she made me whole again & made my heart smile. I'd given up on love but she gave me hope. I'm certain she's my soul mate 😇 & so fuck y'all anti-pride haters 🖕🏾 Men are trash 🚮 ( except my bro)#stopwomenviolence #stopdomesticviolence#pride🌈 #loveislove.”


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