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#PulseUhondoMtaani: Omosh Begging for help again, Akothee clashes with Kenya Power staff & other stories


Vera Sidika, Omosh, Akothee and Jalang'o

After a week that has been rocked with the #Vasha shenanigans, #PulseUhondoMtaani is here once again to usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with the top trending of entertainment stories. We are here to serve you with the juice you might have missed, trying to catch up with the WRC Safari Rally 2021 and other things

Oooh! Yes, It’s a #Vasha weekend so lets roll:

Omosh fires back at Critics bashing him for begging for Help Again


Former Tahidi High Actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has hit back at critics bashing him for asking for help from Kenyans again.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, Omosh said that, he was not forcing anybody to contribute for him.

“Kwani Majama shida iko wapi? Mlicome through mkaniokolea ndio hii Keja inasimama, Maanze thanks a lot kwa kitu mlinifanyia.

Kitu inaniwasha ni mnaniuliza mahali nilipeleka pesa, Nilikuwa na mashida mingi sana lakini bado mashinda haziishangi. Ndo Maana nilikua nakusho kama unajiskia, si ati nilikuwa Nalazimisha. Manze joo mlinitoa kwa shimo na nashukuru sana..Ma bloggers wachaneni na mimi…hata soon nafungu keja na tutachoma hiyo ndo inafaa kutrend” said Omosh.

On Friday, Omosh appealed for help from Kenyans stating that he got lots of empty promises. He explained that used a big chunk of the money he received to pay debts, something that left him with empty pockets.


He went on to say that he was in need of a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy skits, something that singer B-Classic has now promised to give him.

“Do Believe in Second Chances, Ila Huwa Pia Naamini In Kupea Mtu Tools Za Kazi Ili Aweze Kujitaftia. Brother Omosh , Nicheck Nikufikishie Zawadi Yako Uweze Kupiga Kazi“ said B Classic.

Akothee Clashed with Kenyan Power Staff at her Private Home

Kenyan musician Akothee slammed Kenya Power staff in Migori over what she called an attempt at forcing themselves inside her home on Wednesday.


Akothee said in a statement that the team refused to identify themselves and did not have official communication about the assignment they were supposed to do at her house.

She explained that there are power cables passing through her huge compound and the team said they wanted to work on them.

However, the musician claimed that the group also wanted to use the opportunity to take pictures of her private mansion.

“I don’t owe you anything, you have no right to force yourself into my home without my permission,” Akothee posted on Instagram.

Come and move out all the wires passing through my compound so you can be accessing them anytime you feel like,” she posted.


The Sweet Love hitmaker threatened that next time she would take action into her hands because they threatened to disconnect the power supply to her house.

“When we call you for emergencies you don't even respond so what's the urgency for ?” Akothee questioned.

Nick Odhiambo announces birth of his son

Media Personality, Nick Odhiambo has finally welcomed a bouncing baby boy!


The former Radio Maisha presenter announced the news via his Twitter page, overjoyed to be a father.

“Best gift ever....nice to meet you son.! My mini me.....I am Soo overjoyed…,” wrote Nick.

Sad Loss of his Unborn baby

In January 2019, a grieving Odhiambo shared that he had unfortunately lost his unborn baby via his social media pages, expressing how he was yearning to have the baby.

“The countdown to your birthday cut short.... Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball !!!..but it is what it is..lil' J'lani R.I.P.. My son didn't make it to see this beautiful world ...” reads Nick Odhiambo’s post.


Ni nini niliwai fanyia huyu mzee honestly - Eric Omondi hits back at Ezekiel Mutua

Celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi hit out at Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua over his recent comments that were somewhat targeted towards him.

Addressing the media, Mutua took issue with the ongoing 2021 World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally saying that it is gaining hype as a hub for ‘impunity’.

In his message, Mutua says that Kenyans are not selling their culture but are using the Rally as a ‘venue of absurdity and immorality.’


Moving to Eric Omondi, the KFCB boss dubbed The Moral Cop said, “In 50 years, hakuna mtu atajua Eric Omondi alikuwa msanii wa kusikika. Naomba wakati huo atakuwa anajivunia vitu alikuwa anafanya wakati huo.”

This statement rubbed Omondi the wrong way and he took to his social media to say so.

“Lakini Jokes aside ni nini niliwai fanyia huyu mzee honestly. This statement is very archaic. The work of a Creative or any Serious Comedian like myself is to simply Mirror the society, I reflect our behaviour as a people so that we not only laugh at ourselves but pick a lesson or two. Bwana Ezekiel please wake up these things are happening in our Society and we need to ask ourselves why? Recently you strongly defended a politician who was caught in a similar situation but today you Strongly Condemn a Comedian for Joking about the same.”

Omosh pleads for help again, reveals he got many empty promises


Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia is appealing for help once again, months after Kenyans came to his aid.

In an interview with TV47, Omosh disclosed that many people who promised to help him gave empty promises. The actor says he is in need of a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy skits.

He added that he paid his debts with a big chunk of the money he received, something that left him with empty pockets.


Manze kama ulisema unanitumia kakitu kwani kaliendaje? Bado nategea tu… Kusema tu uwkeli nilipata less than Sh1 million shillings. Nikalipa madeni, chuo ya watoi, juu nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa.


“Nililipa Madeni nikabaki zero, so sai madeni zinaweza kuja nikicheza... but so far chuo, hao, food… Manze mnidunge katitu bana... Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu.

“Sai nikapata mtu aninunulie tu camera, tripod, lights mbili na microphone, sasa ni wache kuomba. Juu huyo jamaa atakuwa amenipatia capital ingine ile wacha tu,” said Omosh.

Jalang’o speaks out after Omosh asked for Help again, reveals the money he got

Comedian and media personality Jalang’o weighed in after actor Omosh appealed for help once again, months after Kenyans came to his rescue. Jalas who was among those who fundraised heavily for Omosh by mobilizing his close friends and business partners to help him, dismissed claims that he received less than Sh1 Million.


In a comment, Jalang’o sought to clarify that, the Ex- Tahidi High actor got more that Sh700K in cash while on his show. Adding that, others opted to send money directly to his bank account and phone number.

He also pointed out that Politician Alinur Mohamed gave the actor food worth 60K, plus 100K in cash.

Ujinga tu

“Some people never learn! I can easily assure that Omosh got more than 1 million from my show. Personally in cash he got more than 700K, then people sent money directly to him. I hosted him 2 weeks after he came out…people has already started sending him money @Zeroherepropertiesltd got him land and @sungtimber1built him a house @Honalinur gave him food worth 60k and another 100K in Cash! Hii ni Ujinga tu” said Jalang’o.

On the other hand, City Politician Alinur Mohamed vowed not to help any person who took his contribution for granted.


“This is unbelievable. Unfortunately once I have sacrificed and helped you only to realize that you took my efforts for granted, I can never help you again. Bure kabisa” said Alinur.

Hussein Mohamed takes over Twitter trends as Kenyans call for his return

On Friday, Former Citizen TV News Anchor Hussein Mohamed is once again a trending topic on Twitter. Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) are now asking the seasoned media personality to make a comeback on TV, on grounds that they miss his interviewing skills.

Many argued that Mohamed left a big gap in mainstream media with his untimely exit and others are finding it hard to fit into his shoes.


The discussion arose on Twitter following Sophia Wanuna’s Interview with Deputy President William Ruto. A section pointed out that Hussein was the only journalist who had mastered how to deal with DP Ruto.

Others described DP Ruto as a very “cunning and slippery” person to interview saying that Mohamed had learned how to structure his questions when interviewing him.

Ruto kept evading Sophia Wanuna’s questions, something that left netizens yearning for Hussein Mohamed’s comeback on TV.

Diamond Platnumz buys brand new Cadillac Escalade 2020


WCB President Diamond Platnumz has acquired a brand new Cadillac Escalade Black Edition 2020, days after buying the Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition (2015).

The new Cadillac Escalade Black Edition 2020 was delivered to his home in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

The Cadillac Escalade 2020 is said to be the most expensive car owned by the star. Its estimated to cost over Sh35 Million. Most Cadillac’s are bulletproof and there interior befits that of a private Jet.

2020 Cadillac Escalade

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade boast two front headrests, two rear headrests, LED headlamp, auto delay off headlamps, blind-spot and lane-departure warnings accident-avoidance system, child seat anchors and daytime running light.


The car also has dual front side-mounted airbags, dusk sensing headlamps, engine immobilizer, front rear and third-row head airbags, post-collision safety system, pre-collision safety system, remote anti-theft alarm system among many other interesting features.

This is the second Cadillac Escalade to be acquired by Chibu Dangote and his finance Manager Don Fumbwe reports that another Rolls Royce is on transit.

Features of the Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition

The Jeje Hit-maker has acquired the new car barely a month after he bought the Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition. The Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition is worth US$350,000, working all the way up to US$500,000.

Vera Sidika finally responds to claims of aborting Ex-Boyfriend’s Baby


Socialite Vera Sidika has distanced herself from allegations of aborting her Ex-Boyfriend’s Child.

In a Q&A session with her fans, Ms Sidika sought to clarify that the allegations are untrue, as she has never been pregnant before.

Adding that she was always on contraceptives whenever in a serious relationship, hence why she never been pregnant.

A pregnant Sidika went on to explain that she is always obsessed with babies and would never get pregnant just to abort



“Yes, the first time in my life to ever get pregnant. I have heard rumours that an ex said I aborted.

This is not true. I am obsessed with babies. I love kids so much. I love kids so much. I would never get pregnant just to abort. When single, I take precautions. When in a serious relationship, I am always on contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant coz I never was ready” said Vera Sidika.

Titi Nagwalla unveiled as Nick Odhiambo’s replacement at Radio Maisha


Legendary Radio Presenter Titi Nagwalla is making a comeback in the Media Industry, after landing a new job with Standard Group owned station Radio Maisha.

The former Milele FM Boss (Ngwalla) has been brought in as a replacement for Nick Odhiambo, who has exited the station after 4 years.

At Radio Maisha Nagwalla will be hosting a rebranded Rhumba show dubbed #RhumbaRepublik from 7pm to 10pm (Monday to Friday).

Nagwalla, who is regarded as 'Mfalme wa Rhumba', shared the good news of joining Radio Maisha via his social media pages.

Nick Odhiambo Exit


On Tuesday, Nick Odhiambo announced that he was exiting Standard Group owned station Radio Maisha after 4 years.

In the update, Odhiambo said that he is going back to an English Radio station after 4 years on a Swahili station. The English radio station is said to be Hot96.

“Today's my final RHUMBA show on air after 4years at @radiomaisha

!did I ever think i'd switch to swahili radio? NOPE but the opportunity came and i took it. transitioning back to English radio in a few days tupige sherehe leo buuuuuurrrdan

is burrrdaaan #PapaNickYeboooo!” announced Nick Odhiambo.


KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi loses Instagram account to hackers

KTN journalist Jamal Gaddafi has joined the growing list of media personalities who have gooten their accounts hacked in 2021.

The Tanasha Donna Community Service Manager took to Twitter to express his outrage after losing his Instagram account to the hackers.

Jamal’s disappointment showed in his post as he out rightly talked about the pain of losing his account.


“Yaani jamaa Kaa chini kazi yake KU hack account yaaani uchungu ninaosikia acha tu oya msela nikimpata ntamla kama mkate mamamae!?!!,”wrote an infuriated Jamal.

Bahati forced to defend self over claims of 'ditching' God for worldly things

Singer Kevin Bahati has been forced to defend himself after Netizens accused him of abandoning God, despite swearing that he will never depart by his side a few years ago.

In an update, Bahati said that he has never changed, despite being judged by Kenyans with the songs he has been releasing in the recent past.


“DEAR GOD!!! .... I have Seen People Send & Tag Me to this Video. But Because Father You Know My Heart & Reasons You Know this is Still Me; this are still are My Words and You Know I Have Never Changed 🙏🙏🙏


Bahati’s clarification come at a time netizens had resurfaced his speech at Groove Awards where he said that no matter what he will never abandon God.

In July 2020, while appearing on Jessy Junction, Bahati said that he opted to separate himself from the Gospel Industry and focus on doing on doing love songs.


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