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Shatta Bway leaves Radio Citizen after 5 years, reveals next adventure

The decision to leave was not made lightly, with Shatta revealing that it was a result of long-term contemplation.

Radio presenter Shatta Bway

Renowned mid-morning show presenter Stephen Maunda, popularly known as Shatta Bway, has bid farewell to Radio Citizen after five remarkable years of entertaining and inspiring listeners.

The departure of the beloved radio personality, who has been at the helm of the mid-morning show alongside Q-tee and DJ Rambo, marks the end of an era for loyal fans and colleagues alike.

In an emotional farewell on his final show aired on March 18, Shatta Bway shared heartfelt sentiments about his decision to step down, citing the importance of family and parenthood as driving factors.

"Where I am at in life, I am making decisions as two parents. I have to think like a mother and as a father, and I need time with my children," he revealed, highlighting the pivotal role of family in his life.


Beyond his role on the airwaves, Shatta Bway's influence extended to commercial appearances on Citizen TV, where he served as a product promoter and occasionally hosted TV entertainment shows and even sports commentary.

Reflecting on his journey, Shatta Bway expressed gratitude for the support and loyalty of his listeners, acknowledging their role in shaping his career.

"It has been an amazing five years, a roller coaster. If we came here green, we have become who we are because of you, and we don't take it for granted. Hamjawai tuangusha," he remarked, underscoring the invaluable bond forged with his audience over the years.


While his departure marks the end of a chapter at Radio Citizen, Shatta Bway looks forward to embracing new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Revealing his plans to venture into consultancy and strategy, he emphasised the importance of spending quality time with his children and pursuing creative endeavours together.

Despite bidding farewell to Radio Citizen, Shatta Bway remains committed to empowering and inspiring youth, vowing to continue his advocacy for positive change and personal development wherever his journey takes him.


"Regardless of where I go, I will maintain inspiring youth like I have always done on my radio show," he affirmed.

This new venture promises not only professional growth but also the priceless benefit of more quality time with his children, and the freedom to pursue content creation.


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