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#PulseUhondoMtaani: Christina Shusho praises Diamond, Kibe loses YouTube channel & other stories

#PulseUhondoMtaani: Here are the top stories that you missed this week

From left: Bahati, Christina Shusho, Wakavinya and Francis Atwoli

Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho lauded Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz for his unconventional stage entrance, where he appeared while being carried in a coffin.

Shusho, who is currently in Kenya, participated in interviews with several bloggers, and the video was shared by Spm Buzz.

When asked about her opinion on Diamond's entrance, she initially stated that she had no prior knowledge of the incident, as she wasn't closely following the matter.

However, she expressed her respect for Tanzania's music industry and its creative artists.


She further emphasised her support for their endeavors, particularly when it comes to creativity in the music scene.

"Sijafuatilia kwa sababu nadhani nilikua busy kidogo. Lakini naheshimu kwa tasnia nzima ya sanaa ya Tanzania, they are very creative. So anything they do, kama ni creativity, mm nakubali creativity.

"[I haven't been keen because I was little bit busy. However, I respect the Tanzanian music industry for they are creative. I agree with them in anything they do as long as it's creativity]," Shusho said.


In a recent interview with Milele FM radio presenter Ankali Ray, KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi left listeners both amused and curious as she artfully dodged questions about her marriage to Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

The exchange between the two media personalities provided a glimpse into the couple's dynamics while keeping the details of their marriage shrouded in mystery.

Kilobi, acknowledging Ankali's persistence in seeking answers to personal questions, playfully commented on his determination.


She humorously mentioned that not even being hung up on would deter him.

"Mimi nilikukataza hizi maswali zako za udaku unajua umezoea kukatiwa simu hata ukikatiwa huskii vibaya, uko na absorbers," Kilobi said.

Ankali, undeterred by Kilobi's friendly jabs, continued his quest for insights into their successful marriage.

"Hivi siri ni gani ya kupendana mnavyo pendana hivyo"

Kilobi responded, "Waambie ndoa hainaga formula waende tu vile kunaenda."


However, Ankali was not done with his line of questioning. He ventured into the realm of finances, asking whether Kilobi was attracted to Atwoli because of his substantial wealth.

"Wewe ni mmoja wa wale wanaona nilimpendea pesa nataka kujua wewe unabelong wapi?" Kilobi asked Ankali Ray.

Kilobi, displaying her wit, responded with a chuckle, "Mmmh, waambie haikuwa pesa," before sharing a laughter-filled moment and hanging up the call.


Sauti Sol singer, Bien-Aime Baraza, had a close call with danger as he recently escaped unharmed from a road accident that left his Porsche Cayenne severely damaged.

The incident occurred in an undisclosed location, with Bien expressing his gratitude for making it out alive.

In a brief update shared on his Instagram stories, Bien posted a photo of his damaged Porsche Cayenne, which bore visible scratches and dents on its bumper, bonnet, and headlights.

While he didn't provide specific details about the accident's location or whether there were other passengers in the vehicle, his relief at escaping injury was evident in his caption: "Thank God I made it alive."


This isn't the first time Bien has faced a life-threatening accident. In a previous interview, he revealed a harrowing experience from his past.

After completing high school, while on his way to the U.S. Embassy for the beginning of his journey to the United States, fate intervened in a tragic way.

While crossing a road in town, Bien was involved in a horrific accident that resulted in the loss of 16 teeth.

This life-altering incident ultimately played a pivotal role in bringing the members of Sauti Sol together and launching their remarkable musical journey.


In a remarkable moment of triumph, Kenyan content creator Celestine 'Wakavinye' Ndinda has achieved her long-cherished dream of owning a Range Rover Evoque.

The ecstatic Wakavinye took to her Instagram account to share the joyous news of her new vehicle acquisition with her devoted followers.

In her Instagram post, she conveyed her excitement and profound gratitude for the realization of her enduring dream.

Overflowing with joy, she penned, "Well done Celestine🙌🏾. I deserve this and so much more! Thank you God for this dream that is now a reality."


This announcement garnered an outpouring of heartfelt congratulations and well-wishes from both her fans and friends alike.

Among those who extended their warmest congratulations was her loving husband, Timothy Kimani, affectionately known as Njugush.

In his heartfelt message, Njugush acknowledged the sacrifices and tireless effort that had contributed to this remarkable achievement.


He expressed, "Well in cele Wa Githú. For all your sacrifices and hard work. Well in!!!!! Usiwahi sahau huyu Mungu!"

Media personality Andrew Kibe has announced his plans to move to another platform following the termination of his YouTube channel.

Andrew Kibe’s channel was terminated on September 11, and he took to his X (formerly Twitter) to express his frustration with the loss of his channel.

It is not clear what circumstances led to the termination of Kibe’s YouTube account which had nearly 500,000 subscribers 159.5 million views and 3,000 videos.


In his latest announcement, Kibe said he would be moving to a new platform called Yafreeka.

He added that he would continue engaging with his followers on TikTok, Instagram, Rumble and X.

“Have been testing out the live feature on Yafreeka and I am confident we shall be going Live this Friday.

“Sign up there and start uploading your content. We are the content cartel! Meanwhile, catch me tonight same time here on X, Rumble, Instagram and TikTok. The train left the station bruh,” he said.


Kibe is known for his controversial opinions and humorous punchlines that have made him one of the most entertaining personalities in Kenya.

News of Andrew Kibe losing his YouTube generated mixed reactions on social media, with many Kenyans divided on his controversial content.

Some of the highly anticipated reactions were from celebrities who had been featured on his show and suffered his wrath of heavy criticism such as Terence Creative and musician Bahati.


Reacting to the news, Terence, who has been nominated in the Pulse Influencer Awards, expressed sarcasm saying “Very sad I’ll miss my nganuthia whips.”

On his part, Bahati said that with Kibe out of YouTube, he and other couples who were the subject of his content would be relieved.

Naskia sasa Nganuthia and Kabahanye can now celebrate the ones we love at peace,” Bahati said, teasing his new song Huyu.

Kibe responded to the reaction saying that he would continue to put ‘Nganuthia’ and ‘Kabahanye’ on the hot spot, adding that he had seen the termination of his YouTube channel coming.

The former radio presenter said he has been working on a new platform, Yafreeka, that would give him better control of his content.


Kibe has severally stirred controversy with the contents of his channel in which he expresses unreserved opinions on celebrities and viral content.

He said that he would launch the app on Friday by going live on the platform.

Elliot Berry also known as Mzungu Mwitu has shared his deep connection with Pastor Ruth Matete and the complex emotions he experiences when he thinks about her daughter growing up without her late husband.


In a conversation with content creators, Mzungu Mwitu revealed the long-standing bond he shares with Pastor Ruth Matete and her late husband, John Apewajoye. He emphasised their close friendship, which traces back several years.

Before meeting her late husband, Berry had also separately met Matete and her marriage made her friends with the family.

"Me and Ruth go way back; I was really friends with her late husband, who passed a couple of years ago, so we are really tight, and nimependa kusimama na yeye juu ya mtoi pia," Mzungu Mwitu shared.


Due to the strong connection he had with Matete's husband, Mzungu Mwitu admitted to experiencing feelings of guilt when he sees Matete's daughter growing up without her father.

"Saa zingine nafeel guilty juu am seeing the daughter grow, and he is not able to see because ashaenda," he expressed.

Ruth Matete has previously clarified that her relationship with Mzungu Mwitu is purely platonic, dispelling any romantic rumours.


Award-winning scriptwriter and actor Abel Mutua recently shared a personal story of determination and dedication.

Speaking on the Mic Cheque podcast on September 6, Abel revealed a moment when he fainted in the bathroom, an incident that occurred due to overworking himself.

At the time, he had just become a father and felt a strong responsibility to provide for his family, pushing himself to the limits.

“I fainted in the bathroom naked, with only the house help in the house. She was the only one home so she had to help me.


“I had overworked myself coz I had just gotten my first child. I had the fear of, My kid is here I can’t give them excuses, you have to provide," he said.

Mutua also shared intriguing insights about his time on Citizen TV's Tahidi High and the increase in his salary that came as a pleasant surprise.


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