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#UhondoMtaani: New details emerge on Daddy Owen’s fall out with wife Farida, TV girl tattoo’s Eric Omondi’s name on her thighs and other stories


Givi, Mashirima Kapombe, Daddy Owen andDana de Grazia

This week on our hot and entertaining segment #UhondoMtaani we focus the spotlight on top stories making headlines in the Entertainment industry.

So, seat back and enjoy the read;

Ex-Ebru TV presenter gets Eric Omondi’s name tattooed on her thighs


Former Ebru TV Presenter Dana de Grazia took her fans by surprise after getting comedian Eric Omondi’s name tattooed at the back of her thighs.

The former Lets Talk host, Dana de Grazia (Hustle Goddess), shared photos and a short video, showing off her new tattoo that carries Omondi’s name.

Ms Grazia’s new tattoo left many with unanswered questions, as to why she settled on getting Eric Omondi’s name on her body.

Are the two in love? or she is just obsessed with the funnyman and she decided to have his name on her body. However, its not yet clear if the tattoo is permanent or temporary.

This brings up another question? Would you get a tattoo of your favorite celeb's name?


On the other hand, Dana de Grazia is not new to tattoos. In January last year, she also shared a nude photo showing off her full body Tattoo.

Ms Grazia disclosed that she decided to have her body tattooed because she has always been in love with tattoos since she was a young girl.

New details emerge on Daddy Owen’s fall out with wife Farida Wambui


Gospel singer Daddy Owen divulged more details on his much publicized fall out with his wife of 5 years Farida Wambui.

In an interview with The Standard, Owen mentioned that his troubled marriage drove him into depression and he could lock himself in the house and cry. The Vanity hitmaker went on to state that even his creative process was tampered with and he stopped writing and releasing songs since nothing in life made sense to him.

When the story came out, I was like…oh! I wouldn’t be the person to confirm it after all. But the fact is that whether I talk about it or not, the truth will eventually come out. I wouldn’t be the one to come out and tarnish her name and if I wanted to discuss our family issues, I would have done that a long time ago. The truth is out there. It’s hard to fight it. I wish her all the best,” said Owen.

He added that; “We have been discussing our issues as a couple and consulting when things don’t go right. We haven’t been agreeing on everything and that is human.

However, when one wrong leads to another, you really have to get concerned and start thinking hard. When it came to that, I fell into depression and could lock myself in the house and cry, asking God why this was going on.


I stopped writing and releasing songs, as my creativity wasn’t working. I could not pray, as I felt weak inside. I contemplated doing everything wrong, even death.

Nothing in life makes sense. The worst bit is that everyone out there thinks you have it all put together and life is progressive,”.

Asked if he and Wambui are getting a divorce, Owen opted to respond with a Bible verse.

“There is only one main ground for divorce in the Bible. Go read Mathew 19. It is all explained there and so that is all I can say about that for now,” replied Owen.

Jeff Koinange’s reaction as Mashirima Kapombe’s 5-year-old son mimics him


Citizen TV Swahili News Anchor Mashirima Kapombe is a happy woman going by a series of videos shared on Instagram, capturing her 5-year-old son Kenga mimicking prolific news anchor Jeff Koinange.

A video put up by Mashirima captures an excited Kenga, confessing that he likes how Koinange says “Tonight” every time he is introducing his bulletin.

"I wanted to say I like you saying the part of Tonight,” Kenga told Koinange. Following the revelation, the JKL host challenged Kenga to say the “Tonight” part with him, a challenge he perfectly executed, leaving Koinange impressed.

Talking about the priceless moments captured by the video, Kapombe mentioned that she usually doesn’t post her son on social media, but Koinange had kicked off Kenga’s Birthday month on a high.


“🌞Happy new month!🌞 I rarely do this but @koinangejeff kicked off Kenga's birthday month on a high! Thank you Jeff!” reads Mashirima Kapombe’s caption.

Another video, shows a young Kenga, telling her mother to cue him in before they can say the “Tonight” part with Koinange in harmony.

A happy Koinange also shared Kenga’s video, saluting the young Champ for showing up at Royal Media Services at 6am to catch up with his favorite anchor.

Former K24 News Anchor Isabella Kituri joins BBC Africa


Former K24 news anchor Isabella Kituri added her name on the growing list of Kenyan Journalists who have joined the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

On Monday, Kituri put up a photo on Instagram, proudly rocking the BBC tag, a clear indication that she has joined the international media house. Her LinkedIn profile has also been changed to “Multimedia Journalist at BBC News”

“Signs that January stress is over. Plates are full of blessings!! #faithoverfear #makeyourownfun #godsplan #neverdoubtgodMs Kituri captioned her photo.

Previously, Ms Kituri worked with Deutsche Welle (Apprenticeship) and Standard Media Group.

Kituri was among editors and senior reporters who were dismissed in June last year, in the second round of retrenchment at Mediamax.


At that particular time, K24 fired its entire newsroom via a text message that was sent to the employees by the human resources manager Maureen Wandera.

I’m still single- Shouts Tanasha Donna after landing in Nairobi

Songstress Tanasha Donna Oketch has maintained that she is still single days after her link up with Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz raised eyebrows.

Speaking minutes after landing in Nairobi, Ms Donna once again reiterated that she is just Co-parenting with Platnumz and even in Tanzania she was sleeping at a hotel.


“I’m still Single…Hatujarudiana…” clarified Tanasha.

The singer also sought to clarify that her video trying to whisper something to Chibu Dangote was blown out of proportion.

“…And about the Kiss, mimi sio mtu ambaye naweza kufanya public display of affections. I am not the type to display public affection, if I want to kiss somebody I will kiss them behind closed doors.

As a matter of fact, I did know that he will call me on stage, we went to party next I hear, Tanasha Donna we need you on Stage. So nilipoenda stage, nikawa najaribu kumwambia why did you tell me, Ukiangalia vizuri video utaona mdomo is moving. `Na yeye alikuwa anaangali nyuma kumwambia DJ play Gere. Everything happened so fast and obviously media went and recreated the whole story., but it is what it is and at the end of the day, always say as long as you know your truth you don’t have to justify to everyone” explained Tanasha.

Don’t come to my burial when I die- Angry Mzee Abdul Juma tells Diamond


Mzee Abdul Juma is not happy with singer Diamond Platnumz and he has warned him not to bother attending his burial when he dies.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, an angry Mzee Abdul alleged that Diamond has been bewitched by his mother Mama Dangote and therefore he doesn’t want to associate with him anymore.

"Kweli nimetambua yule karogwa na mamake, hilo nimejua, ilitakiwa anifuate mimi kama baba, aseme Baba imetokea hivi, tuyaache haya. Lakini alinadi anauwezo wakunisaidia mimi, sihitaji hela yake na asinipe hata senti tano.

Na hata nikifa asije kunizika, kuna watu wangu wa kunizika…sio kwamba yeye ndo Tajiri aliyekuwepo tu, kuna matajiri wengi tu.


Namuachia Ala kila kitu alichokitenda yeye basi na yeye alivyokaa na mamake sina la kuongea namwachia mwenyezi mungu, mungu wacha aitwe mungu. Mtihani niliopata mwaka mpya nashukuru” said Mzee Abdul Juma in part.

He also confessed that discovering Platnumz’s is not his biological son in old age has affected him so much.

Last week, Chibu Dangote echoed his mother’s sentiments that indeed Mzee Abdul Juma is not his biological Dad.

I hated my smile - Elani’s Maureen Kunga opens up on her insecurities


They say, self-love is the first secret to happiness and until you are good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone else. This is a statement we strongly believe Elani’s Maureen Kunga can resonate with, since she began embracing her flaws.

On Tuesday, the Elani Band member (Maureen Kunga) opened up on body insecurities she used to have with a revelation that she hated her Smile back then.

In her explanation, Ms Kunga noted that she used to feel her teeth were too small, simply because the western society had imposed their beauty standards on us.


I used to HATE my smile 😂 Hate it. Because my teeth are small and my gums show, and in Hollywood and all these other places where they try to set beauty standards for us, ALL you see is TEETH! 😁” reads part of Ms Kunga’s post.


She went on to state that since share started learning how beautiful she is, all her emotions are always genuine.

“Only recently am I starting to learn how beautiful we really are when the emotions are genuine. And this is a VERY genuine smile 😃 also shout out to the guy holding the umbrella. Because it was HOT! 🥵” wrote Maureen Kunga.

Following the revelation, fans and celebrities joined the conversation, appreciating the songstress for being open and sharing her struggles with the aim of uplifting others.

Ex-Machachari actor Govi clears the air on gay claims


Former Machachari actor Malik Lemmy popularly known as Govi has refuted Gay claims labeled against him by netizens after sharing photos rocking high heel boots.

Speaking to Jalang’o, Malik explained that the idea of rocking high heel boots, came from his photographer. He insisted that he is very straight and netizens should not be too quick to draw conclusion to what they don’t as other things are just showbiz.

Mbona umeanza kuvaa nguo ya wamama?" Asked Jalang’o.

Govi replied; “We had a conversation with my designer, I told him give me sneakers akasema hapana chocha, onyesha watu wewe ni nani. Mimi naenda kupiga picha hivi na turn naangalia mguu iko na high heels…hapo Muma pix ashaanza kupiga picha and they told me hii itauza…Juu nikavaa kama Mwanaume, chini umama ikachukua.

Lakini its very funny ati mtu anaweza kaa chini aone at wewe ni Gay, am the straightest man you will ever meet. And actually I have never thought naweza kaa chini kuanza kuhave a conversation about mimi kuwa gay.


Ndio maana mimi huambia mafans, unaweza jipata kwa mix up ya watu na wao wanapiga showbiz…because hiyo hate and love zikimix inakuwa success.”

During the interview, Govi explained that his exit from Machachari was necessitated by the need to grow his craft beyond the name “Govi” that had become his official tag.

2021 MTV Africa Music Awards in Uganda postponed

The much anticipated MTV Music Africa Awards, scheduled to go down in Kampala, Uganda on February, 20th, 2021 has been postponed.


In a post seen by Pulse Live, Organizers of the coveted Awards made the new changes without giving any explanation. The Awards were last held in Nairobi, Kenya back in 2009.

“MTV Base is postponing the 2021 MTV Africa Music Awards. We will keep fans updated as we have more news,” reads the announcement from MTV Awards organizers.

Kenyans who had been Nominated in the 2021 MAMA's awards are; Khaligraph Jones in the Best Hip Hop Category, Sauti Sol, Ethic Entertainment in the Best Group Category and Nadia Mukami in the Best Fan-Base Award Category.

The 2021 gala was to be live-streamed due to the Covid-19 pandemic with Legendary Producer DJ Khaled as the host.

Eric Omondi on allegations of Churchill not paying Comedians


Celebrated Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has for the first time weighed in, on allegations always labelled against Mwalimu Churchill that he doesn’t pay comedians.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, Omondi refuted that claims with an explanation that comedians should be grateful for the platform offered to them by Churchill. Adding that if utilized well they can make millions with the platform.

“Mimi nimekuwa kimya, sijawahi ongelea hiyo maneno lakini nitaongelea saa hizi. Churchill anakupatia platform, mimi nasema from Experience, niko na moral authority to talk about this topic.

But hii kitu inakasirisha sana, and I think it’s just nonsense of the highest order…Churchill gives you a platform and he has never ever called someone to come for auditions. All of us go there and we are offered the opportunity to showcase our talents” said Eric in part.


He added; “For him, he has a show called Churchill show…and you are allowed to sale your talent. I remember before I left the show, about 27 comedian called for a meeting demanding to speak to Churchill. They requested me to be there. They were saying, tunaona Churchill anatupita na gari, Eric Anatupita na gari, lakini hii show ni sisi that we are making it, there is no show without Us, we also want to drive those big cars and be paid big money.

Then I told them, Churchill had never paid me for the three seasons I was there but by the time I was halfway the first season, I was making millions doing adverts.

I used the platform plus my hard work to get where I am... actually I’m the one who is even supposed to pay Churchill because he put me where I am today”


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