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Karen Nyamu's parliament video & 4 other controversial reasons she's trending in Kenya

Why nominated senator Karen Nyamu is trending in Kenya

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu in the Senate

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has once again found herself at the center of public attention due to her actions and statements in the year 2024.

Known for her controversies, Nyamu's recent activities have sparked discussions on social media platforms and in public discourse, with people dissecting her personal life, political engagements, and public conduct.

One incident that stirred significant outrage occurred on September 15 when Karen Nyamu shared a video instructing her driver to take the wrong side of the road while heading to Parliament.


Despite the evident danger posed to other road users, Nyamu boldly encouraged her driver to break the law confidently, sparking condemnation from Kenyan netizens.

Following a similar incident involving a Super Metro driver who faced charges, there are calls for Nyamu to be held accountable under the law.


In a revelation on March 4, Karen Nyamu disclosed her preferences in men during a candid discussion about red flags indicating secret attractions.

Responding to a post by a user named Irene, Nyamu admitted to being attracted to married or committed men who are younger than her.

This confession sheds light on her relationship with Samidoh, a musician who is both younger than her and married to Edday Nderitu.


Their secretive relationship, which began at a political event in late 2019, has been a subject of speculation and scrutiny.

Speculation about the status of Nyamu's relationship with Samidoh intensified when Samidoh traveled to Malindi for a performance while Nyamu returned abruptly to Nairobi.


A video emerged showing Samidoh socialising with another woman in Malindi, fueling rumours of discord between the couple.

Moreover, Samidoh's cryptic post hinting at the end of an era added fuel to the speculation, especially as Samidoh was conspicuously absent from their child's birthday celebration, a departure from their usual norm.


Nyamu's interaction with former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho further fueled speculation about her personal and political connections.

Sharing a video of their time, Nyamu hinted at her strong ties within the political realm, prompting discussions about potential implications for her future relationships and engagements.

In another widely discussed video, Karen Nyamu was captured seemingly engaged in a phone conversation during an ongoing parliamentary session.

The viral footage shows Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja addressing the assembly, with Nyamu seated beside her, seemingly engrossed in her phone until alerted by someone nearby that she was on camera.


Nyamu's surprised reaction ensued as she promptly set aside her phone. Speculation among netizens suggests she may have been chatting with her baby daddy, Samidoh.


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