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Chebet Ronoh reveals doctor's question that forced her to quit alcohol

Ronoh revealed she was so addicted to alcohol that she landed in rehabilitation twice

Content creator Chebet Ronoh

Renowned content creator Chebet Ronoh has opened up about her struggle with alcoholism and the challenging path she embarked on towards recovery.

In an Instagram post on July 25, Ronoh revealed the toll that alcohol had taken on her physical and mental health, as well as her determination to lead a sober life.

The battle with alcoholism has not been an easy one for Chebet Ronoh. She openly shared how alcohol had led her to rehab not once but twice, and even landed her in the hospital multiple times.

At a certain point, alcohol became a crutch that she believed she needed to function in her daily life.


"Alcohol has put me in rehab twice, it has put me in the hospital a couple of times so that I could literally function," she disclosed.

The effects of alcohol began to take a toll on her health. A concerned doctor highlighted the seriousness of her situation, prompting her to reassess her life choices.

"I began experiencing downside effects of my health, from my eyes to my liver, my doctor looked at me and asked me 'Is this something you really want to continue?" Ronoh shared.


This wake-up call led her to embark on a journey to recovery, a path she has now walked for nearly three weeks. The process has been challenging, but Ronoh is determined to embrace sobriety fully.

"I have made the choice to be sober for at least 90 days, and hopefully, for many years. I am currently 19 days sober, and it's crazy, this thing used to be my syrup," she expressed with enthusiasm.

Chebet Ronoh is eager to experience life without the influence of alcohol, and she eagerly looks forward to celebrating milestones of being alcohol-free for years.

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Ronoh further cautioned her fans about the dangers of alcohol consumption, regardless of the amount.

She emphasized that alcohol is toxic to the brain and harmful to the body, whether it's just a glass, a bottle, or binge drinking.

"Alcohol is toxic to your brain and damages your body whether it's just a glass or a bottle or binge drinking, the effects just present differently," she said.

Ronoh will be sharing her recovery progress on her Instagram page.


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