#PulseUhondoMtaani: Betty Kyallo blasts US singer Tyrese over this wedding photo with ex-husband Okari, Karen Nyamu apologizes to Samidoh’s wife & other stories


Frida Kajala, Betty Kyallo,  Yulah and Karen Nyamu

It’s another week that has been flooded with lots of political occurrences and arrival of the first badge of the Covid-19 Vaccine in Kenya.That notwithstanding, #PulseUhondoMtaani, your favorite Friday segment is here to let you in, on what you might have missed on the entertainment corridors.

Let’s, get down to the business of the day;

Former K24 reporter Joab Mwaura Mourning his Father

Former K24 Reporter Joab Mwaura is mourning the sudden demise of his father who passed away on Friday night.

Mwaura shared the sad news via his social media platforms with a message that reads;

“Nimekubali...Mbele yetu,nyuma yako Dad,Lala Salama..💔💔

Tulijaribu tuwezavyo ila Adui ya binadamu wote akatushinda kwa sasa.

Pumzika salama,Nina imani ipo siku tutaonana John 5:28 -29”

Betty Kyallo blasts American singer Tyrese for sharing this picture of her wedding with ex-husband Okari

Media Personality Betty Kyallo has called out American singer and actor Tyrese Gibson for sharing a picture of her wedding ex-husband Dennis Okari and that of his wedding the current wife, captioned with wrong information.

The picture shared by the American singer, which he has since deleted had a words written on it saying that Okari had married Betty’s best friend who was her maid of honor in their wedding in 2015.

Tyrese captioned the photo with words saying that a monster will always be a monster and will only wait for the right moment to strike.

"Heyyyyyyy friend!!!!!! Wait….Huh? people that you allow in as around your life will want YOUR LIFE….She was not okay with seeing her friend’s life flourish…. A monster is a monster waiting on the opportunity to BE a monster…” wrote the singer.

The photo in question first surfaced in 2019, after Dennis Okari’s wedding with his wife Naomi Joy. This was about four years after he had parted ways with Ms Kyallo following their failed marriage.

Upon seeing the post, Betty Kyallo chose to respond to it saying that she is the bride on the picture, and what he was purporting never happened, because the women in the picture are two different people.

The mother of one added that Tyrese Gibson is a respected personality and should always get his facts right before sharing information, instead of tarnishing people’s characters.

“I am that Bride and that’s my Beautiful Maid of Honour who happens to be a very respected Gospel Artists in my country Kenya and Noooo she didn’t do what you purport. Those are two different beautiful women. Please next time get your facts right. You are a respectable Personality and you owe it to yourself and your following to get the facts right before you tarnish people’s character. Thank you. Best from Myself Betty and Kenya,” responded Betty Kyallo.

KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi tests positive for Covid-19

KTN Presenter Jamal Gaddafi tested positive for Covid-19 after being sick for three days.

In an update, Gaddafi mentioned that he will be in quarantine for the next 14 days to avoid spreading the deadly virus to other people. Adding that, despite contracting the virus he is still in a good physical condition.

“Well friends, I have tested positive for COVID-19..after been sick for 3days started taking my medication & I am in good physical condition. I’ll be in quarantine for the next 14days to ensure that I don’t transmit the virus to any1 else in the community & to protect every1 around me.

Wear masks 😷 guys and if you POSITIVE it’s not the END OF THE WORLD isolate take medicine kula vizuri lala Poa Jilinde wewe kwanza na linda Maisha ya wenzako ❤️ you all” reads Jamal Gaddafi’s announcement.

I'm really sorry- Karen Nyamu apologizes to Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu

Karen Nyamu finally apologized to Samidoh’s Wife Edday Nderitu following her involvement with her husband that led to the birth of Sam Muchoki Jnr.

Speaking on Jalang’o TV, Ms Nyamu said that; “I’m really sorry for the anguish that I may have caused you, all along I thought you knew because your Husband told me you knew. No excuses, I am really sorry for everything”.

Nyamu went on to say that she has never met Samidoh’s wife but been involved in her projects to an extend of helping her secure a Sh9 Million tender.

She also distanced herself from a pseudo account that has been attacking Samidoh’s wife purporting to be her.

Jahmby Koikai lands new radio job 6 years after leaving QFM

Media personality Jahmby Koikai landed a new radio job with six years after she left Nation Media Group’s defunct Swahili station QFM.

Jahmby is making a comeback on the airwaves on Trace Radio, where she will be hosting the Trace na Doba show alongside DJ Selector Technics on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8pm to midnight,


After 6 years!!!!! 6 long years OFF AIR! GUESS WHO'S BACK ON RADIO? QUEEN FYAH MUMMAH JAHMBY!!!!!

YES!!!! I'm back on radio and my new home is Trace Radio @traceeasternafrica. I'll be live every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm- Midnight. I'll also be with @selectortechnix giving you the baddest mixes,” read Jahmby Koikai’s post.

Otile Brown finally reconcile with former Manager Dr Eddie years after public fall out

Award-winning Music and Film Director Dr. Eddie has finally ironed out his differences with his former signee Otile Brown and they are now working together again.

Dr. Eddie put up a short video while on Location with Otile, with an announcement that they are working on a new music video.

The video captured Jalang’o’s attention, prompting to shoutout Eddie for reconciling with Otile years after their much publicized fall out.

Happy to see you two together…” reads Jalang’o’s comment on Dr. Eddie’s video with Otile.

In a quick rejoinder, Eddie mentioned that their differences we settled and now they are working together.

@jalangoo kabisa Babaa... Differences were settled... Wacha tupige kazi” replied Dr Eddie

The Dreamland Music Exit

In 2017, Otile Brown had a bitter break up with Dreamland Music management under Dr. Eddie, an act that forced him to establish himself an independent artist.

At that particular time, the Dusuma hit-maker said that the main reason that triggered his departure from Dr. Eddie’s owned Label was breach of contract.

I have been dealing with Bipolar for the past 8 years- Saumu Mbuvi

Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi, has disclosed that she has been battling bipolar condition for the past 8 years.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, Saumu explained that her condition got worse when she started dating her now ex-boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip, as she was always in hospital after one or two weeks.

Bipolar- is a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.

“I have nee battling Bipolar the last 8 years…with Bipolar you have to deal with emotions mara uko na raha sana na saa zingine uko na huzuni sana.

But all those years, I have never been serious to an extent of staying in hospital but when I started dating Anwar. It was tough because I was going through physical and emotional torture. It reached a point I had to speak out and be a voice for many women.

I was not chased, I walked out. I was going through emotional and physical abuse…he used to celebrate saying I’m bipolar and I had the condition for over 8 years. We were together for 1 year and half,” said Saumu Mbuvi.

She added that Anwar used and dumped her, a clear indication that he had a hidden agenda when he hooked up with her.

“Sijui alikuwa na intention gani na mimi?... maana yeye alinitongoza kama rafiki, alikuwa anasema Babako ni Rafiki yangu… sikujua intentions zake ni kunitumia na kuniacha…when I was with him, I was always getting sick , nilienda Hospitali kama mara kumi, after a week or two am in hospital because of physical or emotional torture.”

Saumu went on to explain that their fights were always as a result of Anwar’s alcoholic nature and other things that her ex-boyfriend was using.

Rayvanny apologizes to Harmonize's new catch over intimate videos with her daughter

WCB Signee Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa alias Rayvanny has finally apologized to Bongo Movie actress Frida Kajala over involvement with her daughter Paulah Kajala.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Vanny Boy expressed regret in his act of making public intimate videos with Kajala's daughter Paulah, who is still a school going girl (form five).

"Duniani wakati mwingine kuna vitu tunavifanya ambavyo pengine kwa macho yetu ya ujana tunaona ni sahihi lakini tunasahau upande mwingine wa pili ambao ni wazazi wanaoumia kwa namna moja au nyingine . Nichukue nafasi hii kumuomba radhi dada angu @kajalafrida na kuwaomba radhi wazazi na yoyote ambaye nilimkwaza kwa kupost video ambayo inawezekana imetafsiriwa vibaya ...kwasababu sisi ni binadamu na kamwe hatuwezi kukamilika,” reads Rayvanny’s apology.

The apology come weeks after he was accused of getting Kajala's daughter drunk, as well as starting a relationship with her.

The act resulted to a police case that saw Vanny Boy and Hamisa Mobetto, plus the Kajala's being questioned by police.

Singer Nandy sets record straight on claims of being HIV Positive

Tanzanian Singer Nandy shot down reports of testing positive for HIV/AIDS, cautioning fans to refrain from spreading unconfirmed stories.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, Nandy said that she is tired of being asked if she is HIV positive and its time to put the topic on rest. She added that such unfounded allegations will create unwanted stigmatization among people living with the virus.

“Swali la Ukimwi pia muache kuniuliza, otherwise unataka nikupunguzie Kidogo…tuheshimiane! Mnafanya hata wale wanao umwa kweli wajione Sio binadamu wa kawaida. Hofu ya Mungu Itawale,” reads Nandy’s statement.

Asked on whether she is still dating Billnass, Nandy replied; “Maswali ya Mahusiono msitishe kuniuliza jamani, Nipeni Mi tano tenaa.”

Relationship with Billnass

In 2019, songstress Faustina Charles Mfinanga aka Nandy admitted that some two years back she was pregnant with Rapper Billnass' baby, but unfortunately the pregnancy didn’t mature to the final stage.

Nandy mentioned that she suffered a miscarriage after her then boyfriend (Billnass) brought her some over-the-counter medicine.

Meet the Kenyan girl dating Harmonize's manager Dr. Ndege aka Jembe ni Jembe

Harmonize Manager Dr. Sebastian Ndege alias Jembe ni Jembe has officially joined the list of Tanzanian men who have found love in Kenya.

Jembe is currently swimming in the deep waters for love, with a Kenyan lady named Queen Yulah (Instagram name) and he is not afraid to show it.

Yulahs’ relationship with Jembe was confirmed by Konde Boy who shared photos of the two having a good time in a swimming pool.

"My Boss is in Love @JembeniJembe" shared Harmonize.

The Kenyan lady (Yulah) has been travelling to Tanzania on a weekly basis and every time she is spotted with Konde Gang Members.

Over the weekend, they (Yula and Jembe) were among people who took part in the Kili Marathon, with Jembe sharing photos from the event on Instagram but on the other hand, Yula only shared one photo from the Marathon.

DJ Crème De La Crème finally proposes to the mother his Kids after 14 years

Renowned Kenyan Disk Jockey George Njuguna alias DJ Crème De La Crème has finally proposed to his longtime lover and Mother to his two kids Denise aka Dee.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Crème mentioned that it took him 14 years to propose to his best friend and mother to his kids.

“It took me 14 Years..14 Loong Years to ask my Best Friend, My confidant ,Mother to my kids , My Forever Person to Marry Me💕💕💕💕 I Know ive stressed you out so many times @deekingsky but My Heart and All I got belongs to you. I wanna Love you forever” shared DJ Crème De La Crème.

DJ Crème De La Crème and Denise’s engagement attracted lots of congratulatory messages from a section of their fans on social media.

The couple have two children named Jamari and Zawadi.

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