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#PulseUhondoMtaani: Pulse winners gala, Cebbie Koks advise amidst Akothee's marriage debate & more

If you missed the biggest stories of the week, #PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you.

Collage of Cebbie Koks, Willis Raburu, Kawira and Njeri Rionge

Winners, 1st runners-up & 2nd runners-up in Pulse Influencer Awards 2023

The 3rd Edition of Pulse Influencer Awards came to a glorious conclusion on Saturday at the Nairobi Street Kitchen with the announcement of the 2023 league of winners.

The awards ceremony was attended by a majority of this year's winners as well as top influencers who made it as runners-up in the 22 categories.

Across Pulse Africa markets, the awards this year received over 2.7 million votes from our audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.


The awards also witnessed a lot of firsts. One significant first was that Kenyan influencers scooped both of this year's Pan-African Categories, beating influencers from the other African nations.

Businesswoman Cebbie Koks, the younger sister of renowned singer Akothee, took to social media to share her insights on the importance of standing your ground.

Cebbie Koks' message resonated with many as she emphasised the significance of asserting oneself and not succumbing to online pressure, even when there are valid reasons to do so.


"Standing your ground is a skill I learned not so long ago when dealing with adversities, especially of social media. Human behaviours online are no different from their offline and day-to-day life," she wrote.

Koks acknowledged that dealing with online trolls, bullies, and those with negative intentions can be exceptionally challenging.

However, she encouraged individuals to stand their ground. She emphasised that reacting to negativity with negativity only gives those seeking attention the response they desire.

She used the analogy of dealing with animals, highlighting the importance of staying calm and composed to prevent a situation from escalating.


Citizen TV officially unveiled the permanent hosts for the popular show "10 Over 10" following Willis Raburu's departure.

After three months of speculation and trial runs with various hosts, the dynamic duo of Azeezah (Aziza Hashim) and Guda Man will take the reins of the show.

Willis Raburu, who conceptualised the show during his time at Citizen TV, took to social media to share his thoughts on the new era of the show and expressed his approval of the new hosts.

Commenting on Citizen TV's official announcement, Raburu exclaimed, "Fresh and amazing! Vaibuuuuuuuuuu! Congrats once again to the dynamic duo Azeezah and Guda Man; the only way to go is up! Shine on!".


His enthusiasm didn't stop there. Raburu directed a special message to Azeezah, acknowledging her talents and wishing her success.

"Amazing!!!!! All the best, keep shining! Keep soaring! You got this!! " he posted.

Guda Man, the hypeman joining Azeezah in this new gig, also received a shoutout from Raburu.

"Brother man! You are a certified star! I’m so proud of you, my G! Keep soaring and shining!" he said.


As Azeezah and Guda Man step into their roles, they can rest assured that they have the blessings of the show's former host.

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, voiced serious concerns and demanded an explanation regarding the unexpected return of Shao Guixiang, a Chinese national who was deported from Kenya in January 2022.

Shao Guixiang's story took a surprising twist when reports emerged suggesting his re-entry into Kenya just a month after being deported in early 2022.

It is alleged that Shao landed in Uganda and then returned to Kenya by bus after acquiring a tourist visa to facilitate his return, all while managing to evade immigration detection.


The mystery surrounding Shao Guixiang's return unraveled in September 2023, during an altercation involving a property along Kindaruma Road in Nairobi.

This incident, which ended up in court inadvertently exposed his presence in the country.

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz recently celebrated a special occasion, his son Naseeb Junior's birthday, and fans couldn't help but notice the intriguing statement he made about Naseeb Junior being his last born.


In his short but sweet birthday message, Diamond expressed his joy at sharing a birthday with his youngest child, Naseeb Junior. He referred to Naseeb as his king and professed his deep love for him.

Yet, fans in the comment section appeared skeptical about Diamond's assertion that Naseeb Junior is his last-born child.

"Sharing my birthday with my lastborn is the most beautiful and blessed thing I have ever Imagined. Naseeb Junior, papa loves you, king," he wrote.

Diamond Platnumz, nicknamed 'Father Abraham' by his fans, has a diverse family tree. He has four children with different mothers.


He shares two children with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, one child with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto, and Naseeb Junior with Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna.

After many memorable years at its historic home in Lonrho House, nestled in the heart of Nairobi's bustling Central Business District, Capital FM is preparing to bid farewell to these familiar surroundings.

The station is now gearing up for a fresh and vibrant beginning as it relocates its headquarters to the dynamic Two Rivers Mall.


Capital FM is poised to continue its legacy of delivering exceptional content, now within the vibrant and promising backdrop of Two Rivers Mall.

Ephantus Safari, the ex-husband of actress Joy Karambu, popularly known as Kawira, broke his silence about their six-year marriage, shedding light on their relationship's inception, the reasons for their separation, and the ensuing depression he faced when Kawira allegedly left him.

The father of two opened up during an interview with presenter Ali on September 3, offering insights into their journey as a couple.

Ephantus revealed that their paths first crossed in 2013 when he was organizing an event at St Andrew's.


Their initial plan was to wait for two years before having children, as they both felt they were still young. However, the pressure from relatives made those two years challenging.

They eventually decided to have children, but this decision marked the beginning of their relationship's troubles.

Ephantus shared that cultural differences and the presence of Kawira's mother-in-law in their home strained their relationship.


Njeri Rionge, one of Kenya's most successful and revered serial entrepreneurs, passed away.

Rionge was known for co-founding multi-million dollar companies in quick succession, including East Africa's first mass-market internet service provider, Wananchi Group, which owns Zuku.

Former ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru who once worked alongside Rionge at Wananchi Online, was the first to announce her death on X.

“Goodbye Njeri. We will miss you greatly,” he said.


Not much has been revealed around her death but let's take a look at her journey from being featured among Africa’s most successful women to her death.

Bongo Flava star Zuchu found herself clarifying her relationship with Diamond Platnumz's mother, Mama Dangote, in a video shared on October 3 by Wasafi Media.

Wasafi FM presenter Baba Levo initially called Zuchu to inquire about Diamond's upcoming birthday party.

However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when Levo asked about the alleged feud between Zuchu and Mama Dangote.


Levo mentioned that there were rumours circulating, suggesting that Zuchu and Diamond's mother were not on good terms.

In response, Zuchu firmly denied these allegations, affirming that she and Mama Dangote were on good terms.

She even mentioned that she had spoken to Mama Dangote earlier, before receiving the call from Wasafi FM.

"Hakuna na nimetoka kuzungumza naye muda sio mrefu. Nimetoka kuzungumza naye kama thirty minutes ago," Zuchu explained.


Before ending the call, Levo sided with Zuchu, emphasizing that he too had denied the allegations. He playfully advised Zuchu to relax and take a nap on Diamond's bed, all while sharing a laugh.


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