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10 Celebrities who purchased multimillion rides in 2023 [Pulse Picks]

Pulse Picks features a list of Kenyan celebs who acquired new rides among them Abel Mutua, Nadia Mukami, Jacky Vike and others

10 Celebrities who purchased multi-million rides in 2023

As 2023 unfolded, some of our favourite celebrities decided to make a statement not just with their talent and charisma but with their choice of wheels.

From sleek rides to powerful machines, these stars spared no expense in securing their dream vehicles.

Let's take a ride through the list of celebrities who cruised into 2023 in pure luxury.


Not just a master of the screen, Abel Mutua showcased his taste for adventure with the purchase of a Land Rover Discovery.

The versatile actor and writer in May 2023 bid farewell to his cherished Mercedes Benz E250 after five years of ownership.

Wakaavinye, a name synonymous with comedy, added a touch of luxury to her journey.


After a successful 'Through Thick and Thin' shows, the content creator opted for a Range Rover Evoque, conquering both stages and roads with a dash of humour and elegance.

Mama Boys as she refers herself bought the sleek ride in September rivaling her husband's prado.

The Kenyan music sensation brought his A-game not just to the studio but also to the streets.


Having had a successful year musically, Otile Brown added a new expensive vehicle to his parking lot.

With the purchase of a Range Rover, he's cruising in style, proving that his taste extends beyond catchy tunes.

The Kenyan songstress joined the ranks of Range Rover owners, embracing the luxury and performance that come with it.


Her rise to stardom is now mirrored in the sleek lines of her new ride. In September 2023, Nadia revealed she had bought a new ride rewarding herself for all the effort she had put into her music.

After returning from the U.S.A, where she bagged the prestigious AFRIMMA award for the best female artist in East Africa, Nadia expressed her longstanding dream of owning a Range Rover.

Murugi Munyi, known for her online presence and lifestyle content, chose the Land Rover Discovery to accompany her on new explorations.


Munyi, who is one half of 'The Messy Inbetween' (TMI) podcast, purchased a Land Rover Discovery from a car yard in Lavington.

The Land Rover Discovery 4 was a huge upgrade from her previous car a black Toyota Vanguard which she recently let go of.

Rising star Austin Muigai, stepped into the world of car ownership, and acquired his first ride.


The content creator and comedian bought his first ride a Volvo V40 something he was openly proud of.

Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, chose to elevate her on-screen charm to the streets by acquiring a sleek Jeep.

The vibrant actress and content creator was among the celebrities to acquire new rides as she bought her car in November 2023.


The talented actress went on to state that she started by influencing a Jeep company before she could afford to buy one.

As they marked their 7th anniversary since getting together, Bahati gifted his wife Diana Marua; a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography.

Marua sobbed in tears of joy confessing that she was in disbelief that the car his officially hers.


Previously, Bahati has given Diana, a Mercedes Benz and during the last 2022 valentines, a Prado TX.

The content creator was not left out when other celebrities were acquiring new rides as she bought herself a Nissan Note.

The mother of one took to Instagram to show off her new ride. Yvette was photographed proudly posing in front of her car and in another snap she was captured showing off the car keys.


The gospel singer during her 26th marriage anniversary also joined the Range Rover owners club as she was gifted the new ride by her husband.

Janet expressed her gratitude for the beautiful event and heartfelt appreciation for her husband. She conveyed her unwavering love and devotion, proclaiming that she would joyfully say 'I Do' again if given the chance.


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