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#PulseUhondoMtaani: I’m Gay- Makena Njeri Confirms, Cate Waruguru's hubby announces divorce from wife of 10 years & other stories


Alikiba, Makena Njeri, Diamond and Mwende Macharia

The weekend is officially here with Us and #PulseUhondoMtaani has complied for you all the juice you might have missed throughout the Week.

So, let’s get to the business of the day:

I'm Gay - Njeri Makena finally confirms on international media platform


Media personality Njeri Makena has come out as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community.

In a video posted by international media platform, TedX on behalf of TedX Parklands, Makena disclosed that it had taken years for her to accept and admit the fact to herself.

“I remember for the first time in my life after very many years, I looked at the mirror and said to myself 'I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth',” she said.

The former BBC journalist also referenced the first day when rumours about her orientation hit the interwebs, after a girl had vandalized her Mercedes Benz alleging that she had cheated on her.

“I remember that cold morning of July 2019 when I woke up and looked at my phone. I had over 1,000 messages and over 500 missed calls. My blood went cold. I knew something was wrong,” she said.


Family and friends who already knew about her orientation deserted her because they would be judged for associating with her, she relayed.

For the three months that followed, she was constantly battling depression with few people to turn to.

Ms Makena narrated that in her career as an actor, she had wanted to take up roles that would normally be reserved for men but often faced criticism.

The former Tahidi High star added that as a gay woman living in Kenya, she has received a lot of hateful comments online because of the choice to be bold and outspoken about her identity.

“I believe that gender identity is one’s personal experience and perception of self,” she explained.


After leaving BBC, Makena is now focused on building her organization Bold Network Africa where she is the CEO and founder.

Cate Waruguru's husband announces divorce from wife of 10 years

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru’s husband, Peter Waweru, has revealed intimate details about his divorce from first wife of 10 years, Zipporah Njoki.

Speaking in a recent interview, Waweru disclosed that some of the irreconcilable differences between them involved alcohol.


Waweru and Njoki, who have three children together, have officially commenced the divorce process stipulated by the law.

According to him, the couple has tried to resolve their problems through their parents but the interventions bore no fruit.

On her part, Njoki insisted that the couple broke up after the businessman abandoned her to pursue Cate as his second wife.

Njoki added that Waweru gave her an ultimatum to accept his second wife or forfeit their union and she declined.

The drama between the three played out recently when Waweru’s first wife claimed that she was assaulted by the Laikipia Woman Rep.


Njoki told the police that Peter and Cate visited their matrimonial home when the scuffle ensued but the businessman argued that he had been accompanied by his sister and not the politician.

Mwende Macharia treated to an Exquisite Baby Shower

On Thursday, Radio Maisha Presenter Mwende Macharia was treated an exquisite Baby shower ahead of her delivery date.

The self-proclaimed Queen of the Airwaves, took to social media to share moments captured from the Baby shower with her 679K followers.


Among those who graced the baby shower were; Radio Jambo’s Massswe Japanni, Lucia Musau, Mwalimu Rachel, Gabriella Martin, Freshiah Irungu, Lillian Maundu, Rose Kiseli, just but to mention a few.

“Mommy glow 🌟 on that baby 🍼 shower. Royalty Mama 🌟 baby 🍼 shower” shared Mwende Macharia.

Mwende went public with her pregnancy on April 11, 2021, after putting up a number of photos capturing her baby Bump.

“Queen 👑 Mother ❤️ All the glory be to God. Joy unspeakable ❤️. After 7 years,I am mom again," wrote an elated Mwende.

Jacqueline Mengi Loses Control of her Billionaire Hubby Reginald Mengi’s Business Empire


Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi has lost control of a section of her Husband Reginald Mengi’s Business empire after Tanzania's High court rejected a Will that was allegedly written by the late Billionaire.

On May 18, 2021 Judge Yose Mlyambina declared the alleged Will invalid on grounds that it doesn’t meet the legal requirements to be regarded as a valid Will.

The ruling also raised questions on the late Mengi’s mental health, an act that prompted the former miss Tanzania to speak out and clear the air.

The one-time singer, wondered how a person who authored a book “I Can, I Must, I Will” was mentally unsound when he was launching it.


I bet those who have read the I CAN I MUST I WILL , will be very surprised to hear that someone out there has declared the author of the book @regmengi to have been mentally unsound when he wrote and launched that book. This world will never cease to amaze me!” wrote Jacqueline Mengi.

Ms Mengi popularly known as K-Lynn, went to an extent of producing her late hubby's medical report that proves he was of sound mind.

“Enough is enough. Dr Reginald Mengi medical report attached as evidence .The truth for those interested in the truth. My husband spent his entire life as a respected, intelligent, kind and a helping hand for thousands of Tanzanians. He wasn’t insane!

You can say whatever you want and take everything but for this i will defend him to my deathbed so make it fast. Dr Kaushik Ranchod of South Africa and Dr Anthony Rudd of Uk and Dr Valentino who gave a testimony know the truth and someone should get the truth!” shared Ms Mengi.

The Will in question had allocated the deceased’s estate to his spouse (Jacqueline Mengi) and twin children.


A lawsuit filed by four people (Benson Benjamin Mengi, William Onesmo Mushi, Zoebu Hassuji and Sylvia Novatus Mushi) had requested the court to make them administrators of the said Estates.

However, the Judge made the ruling of declaring the will invalid on grounds that it was not sealed and the existing signature was different from the usual signature of the late Reginald Mengi.

The Judge also said that the signing was not witnessed by any of the deceased's relative or wife.

Alikiba takes a swipe at Diamond over his bitter rant at Forbes Magazine


Tanzanian singer Ali Saleh Kiba popularly known as Alikiba took swipe at his longtime nemesis Diamond Platnumz following his bitter rant over the list of Richest Musicians in Africa.

In a tweet, King Kiba indirectly mocked Chibu Dangote, reminding him that those who get featured on Forbes Magazine never brag about their net worth, like he does.

Adding that, it was unnecessary for him to rant over the alleged Forbes List, yet he only needed to convince Tanzanians that he is rich.

Kiba Takes a Swipe

“Sadala nisikilize ,kati ya hao watu ambao wewe unajidanganya kuwa Ni wenzako , na kudanganya watu wenye ufupi wa akili .hakuna hata mmoja ametanga ana hela akaandikwa FB. haina haja yakulalamika sisi ukituambia kama unahela tunaamini inatosha ila wale wana akili ndefu (mediocre)” wrote Alikiba.


On Tuesday, the WCB President cautioned Forbes Magazine to never feature him on their “Lists” without doing a proper background check on his real Net worth.

“FORBES: next time google me to know what am really worth of, before putting me on your Stupid Richest African Musicians List!!!” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

Avril flaunts new Mercedes Benz with futuristic features [Photo]

Kenyan musician Avril Nyambura has revealed that she recently became the proud owner of a crisp, new Mercedes Benz E200.


Taking to Instagram to celebrate her new acquisition, Avril who recently turned 35 years old, asked her fans to share their opinion about the chestnut-brown vehicle.

According to the bazaar where the car was bought, similar models of the Mercedes E200 vehicle set you back a cool Sh3,850,000.

The fuel guzzler has a 2,000CC petrol engine, Automatic Transmission, Keyless entry, thumb start Ignition and steering control buttons.

The E200 also comes equipped with a reverse camera, electric and power adjustable seats, memory seats, DVD/CD player, alloy rims, fog lights and cruise control.

Model Naomi Campbell welcomes her first Child at the age of 50 (Photo)


Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador and Model Naomi Campbell is the newest celebrity mom in town after welcoming a bouncing baby girl into her family.

In a surprise Instagram post, the 50-year-old International Model said that she is happy to be a mother, despite not making any public acknowledgment that she was expecting a Baby.

“A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother, So honoured to have this gentle soul in my life there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love” wrote Naomi Campbell.

Reacting to the news, Ms Campbell’s mother Valerie Morris Campbell, said that she had waited for long to be a grandmother.


"I'm beyond thrilled as I've waited a long time to be a grandmother." shared Ms Campbell’s mother.

Magix Enga eats a humble pie as he apologizes to Arrow Bwoy

Music producer Magix Enga was forced to eat a humble pie and apologize to singer Arrow Bwoy months after trash-talking him.

In a statement seen by Pulse Live, Enga said he talked ill of the star out of anger and now he regrets it.


“Someone tag him, Naomba Msamaha kama nilikosea, I said what I said out of anger na pia kusota inaweza fanya uchome ukikumbuka deni kidogo kidogo. Keep winning Mr. Arrow Bwoy. God bless your hustle” wrote Magix Enga.

In February, the two had a bitter fall out after Arrow said that he used Sh2 million on his track dubbed Fashionista.

“We mshamba Arrow Boy… Unavaa chain ya Ksh 500 na unasema apa ati ume shoot video ya Ksh 2 Million. I produced a song that made him famous #DigiDigi that chorus was part of my freestyle, but I don’t regret. I’m here because of your new song Fashsionista. You came to my studio November @magix_empire_studios and managed to record that song with one of my producers pay him and brag later.” Said Magix Enga.

Prof. Hamo finally apologizes to his Kids, Jemutai & Wife Zippy


Churchill show Comedian Professor Hamo owned up to his mistakes and apologized to his Kids, stating that he is working towards to being a responsible person, dad, husband and man.

The Comedian went on to also apologize to his Baby Mama Jemutai and wife Zippy, with an affirmation that they are working towards resolving their issues in private.

Life has a way of forcefully instilling wisdom into someone. A lot happened, so much was said, both positive and negative in the same breath. If an apology is to be made then it should be soul searched, true, and from deep down.

Apologies are made when someone realizes and owns up to their mistakes.

I had to go back to family and make good with them otherwise all this would have been a facade. We are patching up things, not there yet but headed there by His grace” wrote Hamo in Part.


The funny Man further thanked his Baby Mama Jemutai for agreeing to have a sit-down with him and agree on how they will raise their Kids.

"A big thank you to Jemutai for agreeing for us to sit-down and have a peaceful discussion on how we are going to raise our kids. A special thank you to Zippy you still accommodated me despite my short comings.

“I would like to thank my boss turned mentor, Mr. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ , and Life coach Robert Burale for instilling vital knowledge & wisdom in us tukikunywa kale ka chai kamejaa maziwa miiingi..!” added Hamo.

To his Kids Hamo said “To my young ones, life is not an easy road, papa is very sorry & he hopes one day when you are old enough to understand you will forgive me. Nawapenda wote & I will always be here for you"

Willy Paul signs a New Male Artiste to his Saldido Records (Photos)


Musician Willy Paul has unveiled the first Male artiste signed under his Record Label, Saldido International, in the process of expanding his empire.

Pozze introduced an artiste by the name Klons Kenya, asking his fans and followers to accord his new signee a warm welcome and get ready to enjoy his music.

“Yes @saldido_international just signed another one! Things got a bit rough but we back 👌 go follow our newly signed Male artist, @klons_kenya be the first to witness this revolution!! It's time to support our own! Charity begins at home... let us all learn to support those in need.. I promise you guys, this boy is going places this year, watch the space. #pozzeameamua #saldidointernational #teamklonsshared Willy Paul.

Rapper Femi One talks about her spirituality & Inspiration behind hit song Adonai


Kaka Empire signee Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One dropped her first single #Adonai off her upcoming Album called Greatness and fans can’t get enough to the new tune.\

The female rapper teamed up with Bern Mziki, who blended well with her flow, hence the production of such a master piece.

Appearing on Pulse Live, Femi explained that Adonai is one of her favorite song off her upcoming Album because it’s based on her personal experience and relationship with God.

“Adonai means God…Adonai is one of my favorite song in the Album and it’s from my own experience, my own relationship with God. God amekuwa akikam through for me and I’m very thankful and I really love the song” Femi One Told Pulse.


Talking about its reception, Femi noted that; “I think ilikama as surprise to my fans, they had not seen the other side of me. The spiritual side, that I have a relationship with God, so it was a surprise but the reception has been good. In the comment section wasee wanasema walikuwa blessed and its doing so well”.

She added that Adonai is a thanksgiving song, that gave her the opportunity to expresses her gratitude to the Almighty God.

"I’m spiritual, Sidhanni kuna msanii si spiritual, Usanii ni ngumu. Usanii brings you closer to God, sidhani kuna wasee spiritual kuliko creatives"

Adonai was produced by Bern Mziki at Kaka Empire Studios, while its video was directed by Steve Mugo of Ambition Media House.

Greatness will be Femi One’s First Album since joining the music Industry 7 years ago.


The Album is dropping on May 31, 2021 and it has 14 tracks with features from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. It will help expand brand Femi One into the whole of East Africa before going the whole of Africa”.

We tasked Femi to explained why she opted to name her Album Greatness and this is what she said;

“Because I feel I’m Great, there hasn’t been a female rapper this big in the last like 10-20 years... Nazizi ndo alikuwa hizi levels”.


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