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Eko Dydda’s phone ‘snatched’ during Live TV interview, Postmortem reveals what killed Ruth Matete’s hubby and other top stories this week


Eko Dydda’s phone ‘snatched’ during Live TV interview, Postmortem reveals what killed Ruth Matete’s hubby and other top stories this week

After a week that has been full of updates on the novel Coronavirus that has now paralyzed lots of activities around the world , #UhondoMtaani is here once again to usher you into a beautiful and relaxed weekend, with the top stories in the entertainment scenes.

We are here to serve you with the juice you might have missed, trying to catch up with the COVID-19 Updates and other things.

So, let’s get to the business of the day;

Ruth Matete died from multiple organ failure


Chief government Pathologist Johansen Oduor has revealed that singer Ruth Matete’s husband Pastor BelovedJohn Apewajoye died due to multiple organ failure after suffering 60 per cent burns.

Oduor made the revelation on Thursday, after conducting post-mortem on the body of the late Apewajoye in company of four other pathologists and senior homicide detectives at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) mortuary.

“He died because of burns, which were mixed degree burns estimated at 60 per cent. In burns, what kills are the complications that arise. In this case there was sepsis, multiple organ failure and all that” said Pathologist Johansen Oduor.

The Autopsy report comes hours after Ms Matete had been questioned for the second time by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) in regard to re death of her hubby.


According to a local daily, Ms Matete was questioned for about six hours after homicide detectives collected samples from her house, where the gas explosion that left her late husband with severe burns took place

Eko Dyddya Released

Gospel singer Eko Dydda was on Thursday allowed to go home and take care of his sickly wife Slyvia Dydda, after spending three days in forced Quarantine for violating curfew orders.

“THANKS TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD I am back home now and spending time with my 👪 family, thank you all for the support, physical and online. Thanks for highlighting our plight. Thank y’all 🙏 . Maaaaaaaad love and respect for you guys Let's focus on JESUS now and share the LOVE OF CHRIST” shared Eko Dydda.


On Tuesday, Dydda’s phone was confiscated in the middle of his phone-call interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura

Dydda who was giving an update on his stay at the KMTC Quarantine facility was asked to hand in his phone by a person who is yet to be established.

In a videos seen by Pulse Live, a male voice is heard saying “Eko Dydda leta hiyo simu” before Mwaura lost his link with the singer.

“We seem to have lost him on that line, we will find out how he is and update you,” said Waihiga Mwaura.


Waihiga quickly acknowledged that interruption, promising his viewers that he would try and get in touch with Dydda so that they can complete their interview, a thing that never happened.

Bahati shuts down EMB Record Label

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has shut down Eastland's Most Beloved (EMB) Record Label, citing lack of support and hatred in the gospel industry as the main reason for his actions.

Mtoto wa Mama pointed out that the people he helped create a name for themselves in the gospel industry have turned out to be his biggest enemies.


"Today I made one of the toughest decisions and that is I’m closing down EMB record Label and by closing EMB Record Label it means I’m officially terminating all the contracts the artiste and that is Weezdom , Denno and another new artiste I was to support in 2020" said Bahati.

The EMB President added that a lot of artistes in the Gospel industry are jealous of his success and that's why they keep hating on him.

“Most gospel artistes have been so jealous of my success. Some felt like the artistes I was signing are the ones who were making money for me" added Bahati.

Vera Sidika brags about defying curfew orders


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has been on the receiving end after she took to social media to brag about defying curfew orders to attend a private party in company of her friends.

Ms Sidika put up a number of videos via her Insta-stories while cruising around Nairobi past 10 pm, revealing that she was headed to a private party.

“Warming up before going out to the actual Party. It’s a Friday Night … going out for a lil party.

When you drive out whenever… lock down for who…damn no cars on the road.

Nairobi is dry baby girl …but we are out” said Vera Sidika.


Ms Sidika’s act of going out to party comes at a time the government has imposed a nationwide curfew (7pm-5am) and banned all social gatherings to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Ezekiel Mutua summons Ethic

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua asked gengetone group Ethic to report to KFCB offices or the nearest police station, after they issued a public apology for releasing a song that seemingly promoted pedophilia.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mutua said an apology was not enough and they have to face punishment by law as provided for in the Films and Stage Plays Act.


Now listen guys, an apology won't just wash. You will have to face the full force of the law as provided for in the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the laws of Kenya:

1. Delete the offensive material - all versions of the uploads you had done.

2. Present yourself to the KFCB offices or to the nearest police station while observing the COVID-19 safety guidelines. You can be accompanied by your lawyers.

3. Pay a fine of Ksh100,000 or face a five year jail term. This applies to the singers, producers and distributors of the banned song jointly and severally.

Mr Seed and Wife Nimo


Gospel singer Mr Seed and his Wife Nimo Gachuiri have expressed displeasure in the manner which some people have been insulting their son Gold Christen while hiding behind pseudo accounts on Instagram.

The Starborn empire CEO mentioned that they started by throwing insults at him and his wife but when he ignored, critics decided to attack his innocent son.

“So mumenichokoza sana kwa DM munanitusi daily na nyamaza munatuma Pseudo Zenyu kunichokoza , nanyamaza imefika point mumeruka kwa mtoto wangu, munatukanaa hadi mtoto? Enyewe mumekosa kazi . Haha, God ananipea self-control and patients … please just leave me alone anmd live your lives and move on am tired…I wanna do Gods work in peace …Munanitafuta sana iki woi,” said Mr Seed.


Mr Seed’s wife Nimo added that they are not in competition with anybody in whatever they do and everybody should just mind their own business.

“Creating Pseudo accounts ati mnatusi mtoi wetu is just the lamest thing to be honest and you knew that’s the only way to get a reaction, baby is happy, minding his business and making money moves already wewe kazi nikueka pseudo accounts, just move on guys please you are at war with yourselves not with us aki and we are neither in competition with anybody” reacted Nimo.

New Ambassadorial Deal

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize has been appointed as the new brand ambassador of CRDB Bank in Tanzania.


Konde Boy was handed the ambassadorial deal during a press conference that had been converged in Dar Es Salaam and streamed live on the singer’s YouTube Channel.

“Ninajivunia mimi kama Harmonize kuwa Brand Ambassador was CRDB Bank” said an excited Harmonize.

King Kaka’s commnets on Bahati and Wife

Rapper and Kaka Empire boss Kennedy Ombima popularly known as King Kaka as come to gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua's defense after being trolled for several days.


In a tweet, King Kaka said that what was happening to the Bahatis was not good and that it should stop.

He went ahead to state that people were having fun but bringing in his family, they had crossed the acceptable limits.

“I understand we are having fun on social media but I think we are crossing the line when we touch families. What is happening to @BahatiKenya and The Wife should STOP,” said King Kaka.

Adding that; “He might be playing victim but he might be hurting for real.

Bahati and his wife became the subject of trolls after rapper Khaligraph Jones released a song called Hao where he talked about how being a celebrity comes with a lot of unwanted pressure and hatred from fans.


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