Terms and Conditions

The Pulse Influencer Awards are organised by Pulse in all participating countries, and are judged by an independent jury set up by Pulse.

Except where indicated otherwise all copyright and other rights that subsist in the home page and in the sub-domain pages of the www.pulse.africa website (“the Site”) are owned by Pulse

General Information

The Competition is open to all influencers in the participating countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal who meet the Nomination Guidelines and are nominated before the initial nomination deadline elapses.

The categories of the awards can be found on the website. Nominations outside of the stated categories will not be considered.

All influencers must be nominated through the Pulse social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok).

Nominations will not be accepted via email unless the project officially announces it via social media.

Relevant Dates

These dates may be subject to change but upon launch the timeline is:

Nominations open August 16th

Deadline for nominations is 11:59pm (GMT+1) August 30th via the Pulse social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok).

A jury will review nominations for each category to make sure that nominations align with the Nominations Guidelines. Nominees whose nominations are valid will then proceed to the next round. Click here to read more about The Jury.

First round of voting opens September 20th

First round of voting closes September 26th

Second round of voting opens September 28th

Second round of voting closes October 7th

Winners will be announced at the Pulse Influencers Awards ceremony proper: To be shared soon!

The final winners for each category will be announced at our simultaneous Pulse Influencers Awards ceremonies in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal at the announced date, followed by social media posts and an announcement on our website. These ceremonies can be accessed by invitation only.

Full terms and conditions apply, by entering the awards you agree to accept them and our privacy policy.

By confirming your nomination, you grant a non-exclusive permission to the Pulse Influencers Awards’ organizers, sponsors and any members of the press / media to use your name, your image and the work submitted for the purpose of producing and marketing the Awards. You will be given full credit wherever possible. You keep full ownership of the work itself and we will always seek your permission about any licensable activity outside the scope described above.

For any information regarding the nomination process, voting, awards, timing or any technical issues regarding the website, please contact us on any of our social media pages.