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The 1 Mistake you need to avoid when writing your CV

What you should never add to your CV.

Writing a compelling CV isn't the easiest task.

While there are various steps one should follow so as to ensure that your CV is well received by recruiters, there are mistakes that should be avoided.


Things like grammatical errors go without saying.

A talent recruitment manager will have no qualms eliminating a candidate simply because of their dismissal for the most basic rules of language.

However, recruitment managers were asked by Time on what the worst mistake a candidate could make while writing their CV.

And that was adding "Proficient in MS Office Suite."

What you should do


As a candidate applying past 2010, recruiters already expect you to be computer literate.

You should also avoid adding Microsoft Word as a Skill on your CV.

MS Office applications that require expertise such as Ms Excel or Ms Access can be added to your resume but you should list what you're able to do with the programs.

Recruiters want to see what you have already done within your career, not what you can do.

Instead of listing vague skills. For instance, if you're applying for an admin job, don't write under skills: Proficient in MS Word.


Instead write: "Able to type 100 words per minute"; "Have experience writing magazine copy".



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