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5 ways to grow your business online with influencer marketing

Their online behaviours are increasingly shaping and dictating what lots of us wear, discuss, do and even condemn.

The growth of platforms like Facebook, YouTube , Twitter , Instagram has led to a massive wave of new influencers in all manner of niche industries, many of whom boast huge followership.

They influence where we travel to, the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the food we eat and ones we don’t. Their influence over the behaviour of online users is immense but the results are not measurable.

5 ways to grow your business online (

A lot of people are really eager to take advantage of influencers to boost your businesses’ visibility online, appeal to new and existing consumers; but there are major important factors to be considered.


This requires a strategy - a clear-cut plan of action that yields amazing results, monitoring and measuring. However, getting started with influencer marketing – and, more importantly, getting it right – is easier said than done.

You might think that picking a handful of influencers and sending out your products will get the job done, but I’m sorry to tell you: it’s not that easy. Below are quick tips on how to effectively harness the power of influential marketing.

Set Clear Goals

You need to be crystal clear what you intend to achieve. Influencer marketing really works only when you set out clear goals and objectives, either on a long and short–term basis. Don’t say “drive more visitors to our website”.  Try to be specific,rather say “sell 1000 mobile phones  within one month of campaign launch”.



The goal of your influencer strategy should be tied to only an idea relevant to your audience. You should only contact influencers about opportunities that are relevant to both your audience and the influencer.

However, according to Marketo, 50% of influencers reported that the majority of failed opportunities resulted from an irrelevant pitch. Clearly, a lot of us still miss the mark here.

5 ways to grow your business online (Insights News credit)

Be realistic

Only work with influencers that really engage their followers and can make out time for you and your target audience. You do not necessarily need to go for tier one influencers, look for people who are highly respected in their industry with time to work with little people.


Track Results

you can only be sure of success in your marketing efforts only when you ask what? In other words, you need to monitor and track your marketing efforts to be sure you are getting the expected results. You can leverage on tools like Mention to track mentions of your brand.

Be ready to compensate Influencers

This goes with the saying that - “there is no free lunch, even in Freetown”. Most influencers will want to be compensated financially for their time. Before you start approaching influencers, set aside a budget that you can comfortably afford.

However, once you start your outreach, don’t launch straight into talking about money – let the influencer be the one to bring it up in case the opportunity exists for you to arrange alternative means of compensation.


Are you actively using influencer marketing? What strategies have you been using and how effective have they been? Feel free to approach us with any of your social media and viral marketing needs. At RDM, we are poised to take your business to the next level.

Written by Idris Oladipo.

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